Tuesday, September 11

Life Goes on for Most of US

Today is the anniversary of the September, 11 terrorist attack.

For me, life goes on pretty much like normal. I did not lose any family in the attack. I did not know anyone who died in the attack. The only real connection I had was that I did visit the towers a couple of times. I enjoyed visiting them. They were literally a modern marvel, until some thugs decided to destroy them for no good reason at all. In the process, they murdered thousands of people. They did not care who they murdered. It could have easily been any of us.

Returning from sea. March '93, just after the first WTC attack.

These criminals could have done anything they wanted in Afghanistan, and most Americans would have cared less about what they were up to. But that was not good enough for them. So as far as I am concerned, they can all rot in Gitmo, provided they are not wiped off the planet first. There are six billion people on this planet. These guys are rotten apples and should be treated as such.

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