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Swedish Liberals Concealing the Crimes of Communism

I had first covered this story in May with my post "Swedish Government Concealing the Crimes of Communism". Well it seems that the Swedish Government has recently been planning to expose/educate Swedish children on the crimes of communism. Good for them. Funny thing is that some liberals are coming out against teaching the truth as that will result in the children being less likely to be liberals:
A recent opinion piece in Biblioteksbladet magazine (a periodical for Swedish librarians) denounced the government's plan to spread knowledge to students about the horrors of communism.

In the article, two school librarians write that informing students about the crimes of communism would be wrong as it would risk making the pupils' views more right-wing. - The Local, Sweden
Yes, the article centers are only two librarians. But they are just the tip of a huge iceberg of people who surely believe the same thing.

It is an interesting thought, that knowing the truth about communism will make a person less-likely to be a liberal. (Or at least, less liberal.) Since they don't like that result, their answer is to keep the truth away from people.

In some respects, you can't really blame them for their reaction as we are all victims of our own experiences. For them, they believed in the lie that was the Soviet Union. Forget that the whole dream has fallen like a house of cards, it is the right-wingers who are the real enemy. The problem is, their children will not be exposed to the myth that was the Soviet Union to help mold them into the good little socialists that their education system normally pumps out. So now, some believe that the crimes need to be concealed so that the children can make the same mistake as their parents.

This is telling too in that it seems that these two liberal librarians think that you have to be somewhat ignorant of facts to be a liberal and these are the very type of people who others go to get better informed. As librarians they are gate-keepers to information. Who knows how many people they steered away from the information that they were seeking simply because they did not believe that access to the information was complimentary to their beliefs. Thank God for the Internet for providing easy access to all sorts of information. (In most countries.)

As I mentioned before, this problem is much bigger than just Sweden. European Governments are stuffed with Socialists, Communists and sympathizers (With 200 members the PES's "Socialist Group" is the second largest group in the European Parliament. - Wikipedia) all conspiring against any full accounting of communism in Europe. Read my post "Europe's Lingering Scar of Communism" for more details on how Communism continues to be a political force in Europe including the European Union.


Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization, based upon common ownership of the means of production. It can be classified as a branch of the broader socialist movement - Wikipedia - Communism

Communists are socialists. So how 'communist' is your socialist politician? (Or librarian for that matter)

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