Tuesday, September 25

For Sale: One Surplus Staten Island Ferry

Seems that the City of New York is looking to sell off a spare "double ended passenger/vehicle ferry" used for the Staten Island - Manhattan route.


No mention of the price, although I suspect that it might be negotiable considering that there can't be too many places that can use such a large ferry. Then again, this might be the perfect opportunity to start a new ferry service, as long as you don't want to operate it in Hawaii.

As first spotted in the September Edition of MarineLog.

The Staten Island Ferry blog can be located here.


WB6NAH said...

Perhaps the Washington State Dept of Transportation could use it to replace one of their 80 year old Steel Eclectics.

Being a boat pimp, I could collect 10% for brokering the deal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Fred. If you or any of your readers need any inside info on the Lehman, check the SI Ferry Blog ... blog.silive.com/ferry

Jay said...

Need some precise information for Belfast to Liverpool ferry crossings and how to book Ferries from the port of Belfast to Liverpool. Any personal experiences? I'm planning to make my trip in next couple of days.

Fred Fry said...

Sorry, no experience there other than to say have a nice trip!

faehre said...

Really enjoying your latest entries!