Wednesday, September 5

Being Less Poor: iPhone Price Reduced $200

Well if you really wanted an iPhone but just could not stomach parting with $600 to buy one, you have just be rewarded for not giving into the impulse as the price for the 8 gig iPhone has just been reduced by $200 to $399.

However, the fees for the mobile phone service has not been lowered and that is going to cost you around $3,000 over two years (or even more depending on how fast governments add taxes to your phone bill). If you want the iPhone for the other features and can care less for the phone itself, then you're in luck, because the new "iPod Touch" is an iPhone without the phone, and without the service contract. Oddly enough, it will cost as much as the iPhone above, for now.

I don't know. That is still lots of money, especially if you have credit card bills to pay.

As always, keep in mind that there are two reasons why people are poor:
- They do not earn enough money
- They spend too much money
People dwell too much on reason one and tend to ignore reason two.

This is the last thing you should be considering buying if you're currently suffering from a personal case of mortgage fraud meltdown.

Being Less Poor: iPhone Madness - 28 June 2007

h/t to Little Green Footballs where I saw news of the iPhone price reduction first.

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