Wednesday, September 19

Fake USA TODAY Story 'Endorses' Scam Cancun Trips

This is about as deceptive as they come. Take a look at what spit out of our fax machine today:

Call 800-417-3710 to get screwed out of hundreds of dollars

Of course I cannot find any such story on the USA Today site nor can I find any reference for the two 'authors' of the story other than a reference posted in a spam forum by another person who received the same fax. (They discuss their calls to the number here)

Just imagine how many suckers are going to fall for this scam. $50 a day for an all-inclusive vacation. Maybe they deserve to be suckered. Still, those behind this scam (and those manning the phones!) should see serious jailtime.

Update: 20 September
USA Today is aware of the scam:
Note to readers: We at USA TODAY are aware of a fax blast of an unsolicited advertisement, designed to look like a story from our Aug. 7 Money section, that has been received in many homes and businesses. The story is a hoax and never was published in USA TODAY. While we cannot comment on the validity of the offer described in the fake article, promoting vacation packages to Cancun, Mexico, and often containing a handwritten note, we do want you to be aware that we have filed reports with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calling to their attention the fraudulent nature of the fax. To those of you who have called this to our attention, thank you for taking the time to contact us to let us know that our name is being misused in this manner. Should you wish to file a complaint with the government, there are complaint forms available on the FTC website at and on the FCC website at - USA Today
I filed a complaint. It felt good.

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