Thursday, September 11

We Should Remember More Than Just 9/11

So here we are seven years after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and it seems that I am a bit angry this year.

Returning from sea. March '93, just after the first WTC attack.

We shouldn't just remember the attack. We should also understand the events that led up to this attack being a reality. No, I don't mean that somehow American's actions around the world brought this about. That is just liberal BS. I mean how our own Government's stupidity (Under President Clinton) failed to see the threat and stop it. President Bush has been unfairly blamed for being handed a country that already had terrorists operating inside it. The seeds of this attack were planted when Clinton was in office and his administration, pandering to liberals, enacted barriers to prevent proper investigation such as 'the wall'. But you don't hear about that. You only hear about the huge tax/budget surplus the Country had under Clinton and how wonderful the country was back then. Well maybe he should have spent some of that surplus to better protect the country. And maybe his administration should have let the CIA tell the FBI that terrorists were also enjoying the Clinton era good life.

Life Goes on for Most of US - 2007
World Trade Center Tribute - 2006
Glenn J. Winuk - One of Many 9/11 Heros - 2005

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Anonymous said...

Thank you - you captured my emotional state perfectly today.

I had lunch with co-workers today, we talked about where we were when the attacks happened, how we processed our feelings, if we knew anyone, etc.

One lady asked us if we remembered how in the days after the attacks we all felt so connected, so united, so patriotic. Yes, yes, we all agreed that was wonderful.

Then another man said that it might just take another attack at such a large magnitude to get back to that again. Then he said that if we ever have an attack, the unity feeling won't be so strong the second time around, as a large segment of people would blame us (our Country, Bush, the Government in general, our policies, etc) for it happening in the first place. That self blame would erode any positive feelings.

I'm afraid he's right. And I'm angry and disgusted over that.

I'm scared for our country. I'm afraid I'm living in the twilight years of the United States of America. I have a profound sense of loss growing inside of me because of that feeling.