Friday, September 5

Dear John McCain, I know Where You Can Find the First $1 Billion

Here is one passage from Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain's acceptance speech last night:
We are going to stop sending $700 billion a year to countries that don't like us very much. - Speech posted at Instapundit

The US currently gives Russia almost $1 billion a year in aid. And as I pointed out in this post "Why it's OK to Stop Paying $1 Billion a Year to Protect Russia's Nukes", we are just throwing this money away. So I nominate Russia to be first on President McCain's foreign aid hit-list.

After all, despite paying close to a billion a year, Russia has found what they seem to consider better partners. and what good does it do the US to 'Protect' Russia's nukes, when they just turn around and teach our enemies to build them:

Putin and Ahmadinejad - Each the other's most Useful Idiot

As for the rest of John McCain's speech, I liked what I heard. Sure, it was not awe inspiring, but then again, neither is the job that needs to be done. Tough and somewhat unpopular short-term changes will be needed to change the country for the better, and this is the only candidate who is not concerned about ruffling feathers to get it done!


Why it's OK to Stop Paying $1 Billion a Year to Protect Russia's Nukes

-- Anchor Countries --

US Aid to Russia (2006) $949 Million

US Aid to Russia (2007) $913 Million

Norway and UK Pay Nuke Money as Russia Threatens West

US Assistance to Russia Funding Iranian Nukes


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