Saturday, September 13

Update: Benedict Obama 2008: Presidential Victory through defeat in Iraq

I wrote the following back in early 2007:
While the press may not be portraying Iraq as anything close to victory, the election is about two years away, and when people go to vote, they will be judging Iraq as is it is at the time that they vote, not at the time that the candidates have staked their position. - FFI, 18 Feb 2007

Now that we are getting close to the election, my comment is coming true:
Recent success in Iraq has spelled trouble for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, whose campaign was born out of anti-war sentiment and who must now acknowledge improvements while also shifting focus to other issues of importance to voters.

“Barack Obama has a real problem with Iraq,” said Doug Schoen, a political pollster and former adviser to former President Bill Clinton.

The latest polls show a drastic turnaround in public opinion when it comes to the Iraq war, where an ongoing troop surge has reduced violence and helped stabilize the country. - DC Examiner

His 'problem' is only going to get worse as the election approaches. That's a good thing because it means we are winning the War in Iraq and elsewhere overseas.

Benedict Clinton 2008, Benedict Obama 2008: Presidential Victory through defeat in Iraq - 18 Feb 2007

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