Wednesday, September 3

Obama, McCain, Your Money and Theirs...

Obama raked in millions of your money and then spent most of it to win the Democratic Presidential Nomination, with having little concern of having to make hard choices on how to spend it, since there was plenty of money to go around.

McCain however was nearly broke at one point in this race before coming back to win the Republican Nomination against candidates with much bigger bankrolls
The presidential campaign of Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who once seemed poised to be his party’s nominee in 2008, acknowledged yesterday that it was in a political and financial crisis as a drop in fund-raising forced it to dismiss dozens of workers and aides and retool its strategy on where to compete. - NY Times, July 3, 2007
For his whole campaign, John McCain has had to make many hard decisions on how to spend the campaign's hard earned money, especially considering that he did not have access to his wife's fortune to bankroll his campaign. However, for the General Election, he has accepted public financing to get him through to the election. Senator Obama initially agreed to take public funding as well, until he saw how willing his followers were willing to give to his campaign. However, despite being able to spend more than John McCain in the General Election, he will first have to get his followers to replace the $84 million he just gave up before he can take advantage of not having a spending limit to cap his advertising efforts:
When Mr. Obama decided in June to bypass the $84 million in public financing for the general election, campaign officials calculated that to make it worth the additional time he would need to devote off the campaign trail to fund-raising, they needed to raise two to three times the $84 million.

They set out a goal of raising $300 million for the campaign and $180 million for the Democratic Party, several fund-raisers said, or about $100 million a month. - NY Times
This does not seem to be an issue the media cares about, but I think this tells lots about Senator Obama's view about money. After all, he is willing to take money from donors where up to half of that money he could have received from the Government. While he claims to care about Americans suffering from stretched budgets, his actions in asking his supporters to stretch their budgets a little further to give him money, does not sound like someone who is really concerned about their economic situation.

And I wonder how many of his donors currently don't earn enough to pay taxes? If they can find money to donate to political campaigns, then perhaps they too can pay their 'fair share' of taxes...

Some Clinton Fund-Raisers Are Still Simmering - New York Times


Anonymous said...

Your blog is appalling. Why on earth do you waste your time on this poorly-written drivel? I just came across it because I wanted to see how many retards use the (non-existent) word "their's" and your blog was the first hit on Google. Congratulations.

Fred Fry said...

Thanks for the compliment, anonymous poster in Spain.

By the way, you lied in your comment. You searched for "theirs or their's" in Google, so clearly you had no idea which was the correct way to write it until reviewing the Google results.

Grammar can be corrected, and I have corrected the error you so tactfully pointed out. However, your probably going to be an asshole forever.

People in Spain are probably the last ones who should comment on American politics or criticize political opinion in America looking at the socialist joke of a President you have over there.