Friday, September 19

MSNBC -Beyond Bad

I don't get much time to watch any news. If I can, I'll try and catch World News Tonight on ABC. Last night I had some free time and while I normally prefer CNN and Fox News, I put on MSNBC to see what all the fuss is about Keith Olbermann.

Wow is that guy bad. If the people in charge of MSNBC think this is news then they should be fired. Just as bad was the new lady anchor that followed his show. I think she ranted for about 10 minutes before stopping to take a breath and only because she needed to give her guest an opportunity to speak. There is no news coverage there. There isn't even opinion there. It's just crap.

I am a GE shareholder and I am not amused. Come to think of it, I currently own a little Microsoft as well. They should sell their share like they want to and let NBC rebuild this station from scratch.

People hate Fox News? At least they are never screaming at the TV camera. they also have Geraldo...



Anonymous said...

The Rachel Maddow show rocks and if its so bad, explain the 1.8 million Americans who tuned it to watch this week alone. She's catching up to Fox's 2 million. Don't get me started on Fox. Should be called Bush's Ministry of Information.

Fred Fry said...

Maybe she is just too loud for me, especially for evening viewing.

Sorry, but in a country of 300+ million people, telling me that something must be good because 1 or 2 million people think so is not exactly proof. Hell, half of Olbermann's viewers were pundits looking for more things to criticize him on.

Maybe she is good. Lets see how popular she is in a month from now.

Come on. The media is in the tank for Obama. Yet you parrot all the moonbats that Fox is the problem. Fox's only problem is that they refuse to report Obama press releases as news.

MSNBC still sucks.