Thursday, September 4

Sarah Palin has Spoken...

Sarah Palin fully delivered in her speech!

Great speech today. Go ahead and point out that someone wrote it for her. All political speeches are products of speech writers but how funny is it that good speeches come are delivered by good politicians. And she delivered tonight. She owned her speech. So well that she even made me feel a bit excited for voting for John McCain. Tat he has earned the right to be the next President.  That is a strong distinction between McCain and Obama. Best of all it wasn't just talk. She pointed out the major differences between McCain's ticket and Obama's ticket.

And if that was not good enough, Rudy Giuliani probably delivered his best speech of the campaign tonight. And that's saying lots, especially since I like Rudy, but was no fan of him becoming President (Here and here).

Obama has a serious problem facing his election as President and that's good.

One more thing, this country has 100 Senators. Two for every state. But there are only 50 Governors in this country, one per state. Ultimately responsible for their state and responsible for most of your interaction with any Government.  State taxes, driver's licenses, etc... Some Governors run states that are bigger than other countries. And as she pointed out, they have actual responsibilities.


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