Monday, September 15

No Moonbat Shortage Outside the White House

I went walking around Washington, DC on Sunday morning. As usual, there was no shortage of moonbats protesting around.

This was my favorite. I didn't get a chance to talk to him to point out that by using his line of thinking the Secret Service must be doing a great job since their task is to protect the President. That surely would include protection from arrest. Then again, talking to moonbats is not something I do if I can avoid it. I had seen this guy before. Here he is protesting Turkey outside the White House.

Wrong on three accounts. Do these people have day jobs? Are they as nutty at work as well? This guy was singing. At least he had a decent voice.

This one I thought was the funniest. Talk about Democracy. Washington, DC is the best example of Democracy. Because only in a screwed up place like Washington, DC can a disgrace like Marion Barry get elected into Government, after being convicted of a serious crime. (Well, OK, New York has Charles Rangel and New Orleans had re-elected William Jefferson, the congressman caught with a freezer full of cash he took in bribes. Just a couple examples...) These are all people who probably would not be in public service if the rest of the country had its say. Sometimes I wonder if these pockets of the country elect such people as their way of poking the rest of us in the eye. In the end, they are the ones who are suffering as by failing to elect the best in their neighborhoods, there is no greater pool of minorities that can then rise higher into national office.

Anyway, if the US is such a police state as all these moonbats think, could they be any more stupid for coming right to the White House to show the Government that they are onto them? After all, if the Government is that evil, what is to stop them from whisking these people away and dropping them into the Atlantic. If anything, this Government shows extreme tolerance.

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