Monday, March 3

White House - Protest of One

We went into DC this Sunday and since we park around the corner from the White House, we almost always walk by, simply because it is cool to walk by the White House.

One thing you are almost always certain to see is someone protesting something. This trip was no exception. I am not sure what he was protesting about. What was uncommon was that he was pretty much a happy protester.

Happy Wacko Protester at the White House

Here is a close-up of his sign:

'Who besides me told Bush he can't let Turkey invade Iraq?'

Far from being a police state, the area around the White House is full of all sorts of interesting activities. I guess the most interesting one is the roller hockey that takes place right on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House fence.

Playing Roller-Hockey at the White House

Cool eh? Would Hillary tolerate this sort of 'protest'?

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