Friday, September 26

The Wedding Cannon

There is lots of talk about restricting the rights of gun ownership. Not only that, but sometimes wives need to give approval for a husband to purchase a handgun. So why not change things up by super-sizing your purchase goal by getting yourself a cannon.

What can you do with a cannon? What can't you do with a cannon! You can be the one with the 'biggest gun' on the block. You can rattle all the windows on your block. You can also learn the names of all the policemen in your neighborhood. You can hang out with Civil War reenactors.

You can also use your cannon to celebrate your wedding...

The wedding was a couple years back in Charleston, South Carolina. A crowd appeared at the gate of the reception hall after the first round went off wondering if the city was under attack. Boy were they pissed off the second time the cannon was fired. The police did not need to appear as a couple were already doing security for the wedding. And a great time was had by all.

Best thing is, chances are, you don't need a license to purchase a cannon.

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