Thursday, September 18

Man in Attempted DC Mugging Pulls Concealed Handgun in Defense

There is news of two very surprised robbers who choose their intended victim poorly:
Shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday, a retired police officer was walking his dog in the 5900 block of 13th Street in Northwest when two men approached him with a gun and tried to rob him, police said.

The officer pulled out his gun and the robbers shot at him. The officer then returned fire, police said. - NBC4, washington, DC
My understanding is that even under the DC gun ban, retired policemen are allowed to own handguns. I will also assume that he was carrying the concealed weapon legally. This is a right that the rest of the DC population does not currently have, nor is this something the local DC Government plans to permit as part of their changes to their gun laws in response to the Supreme Court's Heller decision.

He thinks he hit one of the two attackers. Unfortunately he was shot as well. It is hard to judge if he might have come out of this better if he had just given them what they wanted, but as a former cop, he surely knew that DC muggings are often very brutal. Take this other recent incident:
Brian Beutler, a leading liberal blogger was shot three times in the stomach during a mugging, I'm told by mutual friends (then confirmed by TPM). It's especially sad as this poor guy had no business getting shot -- some desperate guy wanted his cellphone. - AmSpec Blog
Washington, DC is a dangerous place. A place where if I could carry a concealed handgun, I would. However, for some idiot reason, the Democrats in charge of the city see us as the problem and not the criminals who are causing all the problems. they know who the criminals are as they keep dropping charges against them and releasing them from jail.

Tell it to the Criminals - 3 July 2008


Anonymous said...

Oh come on! That's impossible! No one in DC has a gun, how could the guy get shot while walking his dog?

It must have been a toy, he must have misunderstood the situation. That poor gentleman was likely just asking to make a call and had the toy with him.

He is the one who should be locked up for not only carrying a WEAPON, but for hiding it from his fellow citizen who desperately needed a cellphone.

The guy probably just "thought" he was shot.

After all, DC has the most comprehensive and strict gun laws to make sure that this kind of thing never happens.

Maybe we should have programs to distribute cellphones to every poor person so that this kind of misunderstanding does not happen again.


OK, my brain feels better now.

Anonymous said...

Every time I turn on the news in Chicago I get the same feeling I'm getting now: Why don't people see the rampant crime is not prevented by handgun bans?!?!