Saturday, September 6

Obama Responds to DNC Flag Desecration

Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Obama commented earlier today in response to news that over ten thousand unused US Flags were thrown away by the DNC after their recent Convention in Denver.
This is just another example of how disaffected Republicans cling to their guns, flag and religion.
OK, maybe he didn't really say that. But his actions, and the actions of the DNC during their recent Convention (See Redstate's: 'New Game: Where's the Flag') speak louder than words. And yes, respect for the flag matters, especially for whoever is President.  They are supposed to be a role model for the rest of the country.  And what sort of role model has no respect for the traditions of this country or for the symbols of the US, starting with the US Flag.  Senator Obama is fully lacking in this area. Some people think that we should put the flag and pride in our country away. I am not one of those people.  Senator Obama claims that he wants to make America proud and great again as in the past. Well in the past, the flag and American traditions featured highly. So what is Obama's vision of a great America? My guess is no sort of America that we have ever seen before and no sort of America that most Americans will want to live in.

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Fred Fry said...

Look what those silly Republicans are clinging to now...

Tupto said...

I see we are just making stuff up now are we? Putting words into mouths of others. Even the guy who found these flags said it was blown way out of proportion. If they were being thrown away why would they be rolled up so nice? Usually when I throw things away I don't prep it nice before I do so, I just throw it away. I am sure Obama has everything to do with coordinating the DNC and the cleanup efforts afterwards...NOT.

Fred Fry said...

Did you even read the post. I noted that he didn't say it.

There is a bigger story here, 'Truth seeker'. Obama is not a patriotic person and that is going to hurt him. American want to see the leader of the country be a 'flag' supporter. There is lots of tradition and ceremony in the position and he is not interested in supporting the things that make America what it is.

Anyway, your comment is invalid. These flags were the way there were because they were unused. No one at the Obama campaign did anything but toss the bags full of unused flags away.

Were these sitting in storage with thousands of Obama signs or any other campaign material? No, because that stuff they planned to use. Not only that, but the stadium noted that the 'trash' had been laying there for almost a week. Just when did they plan to collect it?

No, Obama had nothing to do with tossing the flags. I doubt it was his idea to buy them either. It was his campaign that was responsible. It will also be his people who carry out tasks, if he is elected President, which thankfully will not happen.

Sadly, I think you are headed for a nervious breakdown once you accept that the "senile old man and a brunette bimbo" (your words. At least your not a racist, right!) are headed for the White House.