Friday, September 26

Lonkero - Finnish Gin Long Drink - Recipe

Finland has a great drink that you really should try if you ever make it to that part of the world. No, not salmiakki kossu (That drink is disgusting) I am talking about Lonkero, the Finnish Gin Long Drink.
In Finland, the term "long drink" or lonkero (which also means "tentacle") refers exclusively to a mixed drink made from gin and, most commonly, grapefruit soda. Originally developed for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, as of 2007 the Hartwall Original Gin Long Drink remains the most popular single product sold by Finnish state monopoly Alko, outselling even Koskenkorva, the most popular Finnish vodka. - Wikipedia
Since Lonkero is not available in the US, you will have to make your own.
- Two shots of gin
- Grapefruit soda (Can be found at Trader Joes)
- Top with a splash of tonic water (optional)

Pour into a glass full of ice.

Enjoy cold;)

The ingredients

One serving of gin (Note: I take two)

With grapefruit soda added

The drink ready to drink

I think I will need a double serving to get through tonight's Presidential debate. Friday night? WTF???
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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS. It will make my winter!

Anonymous said...

My wife is from Estonia and whenever we go I always buy plenty of the Gin Long Drinks. I have searched high and low for this in the US but you just cant get it.. Thank you for this.. It is my favorite drink.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post....definetely my favorite drink in the summer. I also happened to find Cranberry soda at Whole if you like Cranberry Gin Long Drinks go for it. Same recipe other wise.

Anonymous said...

saviour! I miss my summers in finland!

Anonymous said...

Traveled to Helsinki last fall and fell in love with long drinks. The ones on tap at Hartwall Areena - fabulous!

I've been having bartenders make them with gin, grapefruit juice and charged water - but they are just not the same.

I'll try them with the tonic water. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Thank you million - tuhannet kiitokset for the recipe. I am Finnish American from TX and usually don't drink at all, but there is something about having your Saturday and hot weather - it kind of makes you grave something refreshing. There is nothing as good as Lonkero. I purchased Bombay gin and Fanta grapefruit soda. Splash of tonic water and plenty of ice - that's a piece of heaven right there! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is now being sold in the US in 6-packs under the brand name "Finnish Line" My girlfriend who had spent a couple years in Finland claims it tastes authentic. We live in Minnesota, but they have a handy store finder on their website. I leave you to Google, 'cause I don't know how the blog would like a link.

Anonymous said...

Mixing gin and grape juice yourself is not the same.

Only Hartwall's Long Gin Drink is the original and tastefull.

Fred Fry said...

You are correct. Having the real thing is preferable to making your own. That said, if you can't get Lonkero, this is a very good alternative recipe.

Cecily said...

I've had this bookmarked literally for years, and only just now tried it - I'm amazed at how close it is to the real thing! The grapefruit comes through a little more than the traditional lonkero, but I liked it :) Thank you so much!

Peter Lundell said...

Respect. I have not had a lonkero since I moved from Sweden. (Yes a 24 hour cruise with long drinks was a given) xD. Thanks for it. Will be saved.

Anonymous said...

Perkele......Say no more!! Just love Long Drink ;)