Wednesday, September 24

It was Obama Who Failed to Vet his VP Pick

Immediately after John McCain announced his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his pick for Vice President the press and Democrat pundits tried to push out the theory that John McCain made a sloppy, hasty choice, insisting that he must have failed to properly vet her prior to choosing her. Finally this idiotic theory has mostly gone by the wayside as she has demonstrated that she worked to rise to her position. And don't forget, that prior to being President, both Clinton and Bush were also Governors.

However, as this campaign goes forward, it is becoming very clear that Obama's pick of Joe Biden was not well vetted at all, at least not in any way that mattered. I am not talking about vetting him against any sort of 'October surprise' that he might expose the ticket to. But clearly they did little vetting concerning how he might be received by the voters. Not just the Democrat voters, any voters. There is no need for me to provide any examples of this folly. The news media, when they even both to cover his VP pick, highlight all sorts of problems this guy is causing with his mouth. Really, did they bounce his name off of any supporters? Were they afraid of hearing people say, 'why are you not picking Hillary?' or did they just happen to ask the three people in this country who are actually Biden supporters? As I noted before Joe Biden is Obama's John Kerry. He was supposedly picked to help with Pennsylvania voters and Christian voters in General. Whoever pushed that theory should be fired for being so stupid.

Not only that, but before this election is over, it will become abundantly clear to Democrats that they also failed to vet their pick of Barack Obama as their choice for President. After all, Biden was chosen to compensate for Obama's shortcomings. However, how is it possible that the Democrats, after spending well over $100 million in the primaries, managed to pick a top candidate with such shortcomings? And if Biden was so great, why is it that almost nobody voted for him during the short time he spent running for President?

There is talk of Obama replacing Joe Biden with a new VP pick. But if he can't do this one thing right, how can he be expected to run the country. How many times is he going to have to choose a Cabinet? Obama supporters should be careful about wishing for a new VP pick. He most likely would not pick Hillary the second time around, or she might not want the position any longer. At least he didn’t pick John Murtha the first time around. Democrats might not be so lucky if he gets to pick again.

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