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If Illegal Aliens can Afford Photo IDs, so can Voters

It seems that one sign of a modern 'western' society is a complete lack of common sense. Take the issue of presenting photo ID to identify yourself when voting. For less than honorable reasons, people and groups have fought against adoption of these laws comparing them to old-time poll taxes.
A poll tax in the sense of capitation [Note: a fixed tax per person] plays a significant role in the history of taxation in the United States and the adoption of income tax as a significant source of government funding. However, the second meaning of poll tax, namely a tax on voting, is more widely known in the US today. Recent debate surrounds whether citizen purchase of sometimes costly state ID acts as a poll tax, keeping poor voters out of elections. - Wikipedia
It is suggested that there are millions of Americans without any form of photo ID. The common idiotic excuse why is that they cannot afford one. This is a completely bogus excuse, and one that they can remedy themselves. (I am not debating that there are people without ID, just that the reason that they don't have one because they cannot afford it). As I wrote before
Unemployed get unemployment. Others get welfare. The elderly get social security. When all else fails, children can ask their parents for the money. Parents can ask their children for money. - FFI
If you are so poor, you are getting money from the Government somehow. Use some of it to get yourself an ID. As it is, some states already provide low-cost or free IDs to those who claim they cannot afford it. So there is really no valid excuse to not have one. Not wanting to stand in line in DMV certainly isn't one, and one could argue that IDs cost people who work more because they need to take time off to obtain one.

Now we hear that New York is going to allow illegal aliens to obtain state-issued photo IDs. So how is it that illegal aliens living in the US are able to afford photo IDs? Maybe someone should ask NY Governor Eliot Spitzer his opinion on photo ID requirements for voting, seeing how he thinks that illegals are not able to function in his state without proper ID. If that is the case, than how can anyone else?

This issue is truly telling of the intentions of Democrats. See how determined they are to issue illegal aliens IDs and drivers license yet they do nothing to get those who are American Citizens "some 10 to 30 million legally registered voters" the same documents. Better to keep them poor and without ID's. This way it is surely better to be able to rely on their vote in the future.

I wonder how Mr. Spitzer is going to handle those illegal aliens who cannot obtain a passport from their own country in order to meet his ID requirement in order to obtain a NY ID? Will he accept Mexican Matricular Consular IDs? After all, that is the only form of Id that many Mexicans in the US have, and what they are going to present when applying for an ID.

One possible end run around the photo ID complaints of Democrats would be to record fingerprints and take photos of those coming in to vote. This will not disenfranchise anyone as there will be no cost to the voter. After the person has voted once, they will be on record and when they vote in future elections their photo can be brought up and a new one taken to record who voted that second time. The fingerprint can be recorded again as well.

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