Wednesday, October 24

Attacked by the Finnish Airforce

So there I was out in the front yard one day last week, when I heard the distinct sound of a prop plane climbing and then diving.

And then I saw this pop in just over the top of the trees:

I was buzzed by one of the Finnish Air Force's Valmet L-70 Vinka trainer. Here is the Finnish Military's summary page for the trainer. (I suspect the house, or one near it was being used as a target or some sort of navigational reference.)

Now I have not seen here, but have heard, either the Finnish F-18 Hornet or one of their jet trainers. They do sound pretty impressive. One day more, so maybe the cloud cover will recede just long enough to get a good look. (The Finnish Air Force has had Hornets for almost 12 years now.)

By the way, this is an example of why you should always have a camera around. I had maybe ten seconds warning before the plane passed overhead. It never came back.

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