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Fighting Illegal Immigration is Easy: Update III

The general consensus of the decision makers in the Government, including the President, is that we are stuck with those illegal immigrants that are already here, so we should concentrate on finding a path to legalize their presence here, up to and including granting them citizenship. What a load of bull. If any Government action will make the illegal immigration problem bigger, it is to provide a way to legalize the presence of those who are here illegally.

The long-standing position of Fred Fry International is that it is easier to fight illegal immigration than the Government is willing to admit. Lately, they are proclaiming that it is impossible to deport those who are already here illegally, so we should not even attempt to do so. Recently the Government provided us with an example proving that it is easy to fight illegal immigration by making raids on just one firm.

WASHINGTON - Federal immigration agents, carrying out the largest workplace bust in U.S. history, arrested 1,187 illegal immigrants employed by a nationwide pallet services company and filed criminal conspiracy charges against seven current and former managers, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced Thursday.

The 26-state roundup, conducted Wednesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE - Press Release) agents, targeted Houston-based IFCO Systems North America Inc. and capped a 14-month investigation that involved a former illegal immigrant working as an undercover operative for ICE.

IFCO managers actively recruited illegal immigrants and provided housing, transportation and bogus work documents, officials said. Approximately 53.4 percent of the Social Security numbers for 5,800 IFCO workers during 2005 were either invalid, belonged to children or dead people, or did not match the names registered with the Social Security Administration, according to investigators. - State, SC

Do you think one of these 12 million illegal aliens is using your Social Security number? Good luck as the Government is doing nothing about Social Security fraud!

Many blogs correctly called this out as a political stunt, especially considering that many of the illegal aliens rounded up in the sting were released within a day of being detained. My initial reaction was "so what." A number of company officers were arrested and they are not going to get off so easy. In addition, all of those illegal aliens lost their jobs. Not just the 1,000 but the estimated 2,500 employees that had bogus documents.

The effects of the raid were not limited just to those illegal aliens working for that one company. Word is now making the news that all sorts of rumors are making the rounds in the illegal alien community.

MIAMI (AP) - Thousands of illegal immigrants stayed home this week amid rumors of immigration roundups that federal officials say were unfounded, leaving some industries scrambling for workers.

Len Mills, executive vice president of Associated General Contractors of South Florida, estimated at least 50 percent of workers on construction jobs in the region had not shown up for work.

"This is costing millions of dollars a day, and I don't know who is going to pay for it," he said. (Note: Perhaps those millions are what you had saved by hiring illegal labor in the first place!)

Rumors of random sweeps were rampant from coast to coast Friday, prompting many immigrants to stay home from work, take their children out of school and avoid church. Their absences added to immigrants' fears, as some thought their friends and co-workers had been arrested.

So you see, the raid did have some relevant ripple effects. You can bet that many of those here illegally, especially those who are recent arrivals, are thinking constantly about the possibility of being caught and deported. After all, many have broken a number of laws, including identity theft.

"Everybody's edgy," said Chris Ruske, owner of a southern New Jersey nursery. "There's an awful lot of rhetoric, and you wonder what's true. You wonder if the immigration Gestapo are coming to get you."

See here. Now the Government is as bad as the nazi's because they are trying to enforce the law. I say it's great that they are edgy. Mr. Ruske should be edgy too if he is employing illegal aliens. ICE doesn't need a good reputation. They should be feared and illegal aliens should believe that Immigration is coming after them. This will make others think before they even attempt to enter the US illegally.

I bet that some illegal aliens did lose their jobs as some employers received the Government's message loud and clear. In addition, the US MARSHALS SERVICE is busy targeting illegal aliens who are wanted criminals (criminal aliens.) In their latest operation, over 9,000 wanted criminals were, some who were illegal aliens. These captures are probably very impressive shows of force, so news of these captures does spread.

This coupled with actual ICE raids will help these rumors spread. Here are just a couple of other recent immigration raids:

CHARLOTTE, NC -- A total of five violent criminal aliens were arrested here in the past two weeks by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents acting on information received from local law enforcement agencies and citizens in the community. - 28 April

MIAMI- Fugitives and immigration violators were among 183 arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention and removal officers and special agents during a weeklong statewide operation that culminated Friday. - 24 April

NEW YORK, NY -- Fifty-two child predators were arrested today in the five boroughs by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and officers of the New York City Department of Probation. All of the individuals arrested have been previously convicted of sex offenses including rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, attempted sexual abuse, endangering the welfare of a child, criminal sex act, course of sexual conduct against a child and sexual misconduct. The youngest of the victims was two years old. The oldest was 16. Those arrested are from the following countries: China, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Jamaica, Liberia, Mexico, Norway and Trinidad. - 20 April

NEW ORLEANS, La. - Thirty-five illegal aliens, including an MS-13 gang member, were arrested here April 6 during a joint law enforcement operation between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). The public safety operation targeted violent criminal aliens living in New Orleans neighborhoods. These arrests are part of ICE's ongoing enforcement initiative to remove those who have no legal right to remain in the country and who pose a threat to our community. Among those arrested was Jose Guadalupe Rubi-Carrizoza, 32, a Honduran national deported from the U.S. twice. Rubi-Carrizoza now faces criminal charges for illegally re-entering the country after being lawfully deported.Also arrested was 26-year-old Fredy Turcios-Rodriguez, a Honduran national convicted for carrying a concealed weapon and possession of burglary tools. Turcios-Rodriguez was previously deported from the U.S. on 5 previous occasions and he too may face criminal prosecution for illegal re-entering the country. - 14 April

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Two temporary employment agencies and nine individuals affiliated with the agencies have been charged in a $5.3 million scheme involving the employment of illegal aliens, harboring of illegal aliens, mail fraud, wire fraud, and money laundering, according to a federal indictment unsealed today in the Northern District of Ohio. According to the indictment, the defendants conspired to employ illegal aliens, as well as legal aliens who had no authorization to work in the United States. They also conspired to provide transportation and housing for these aliens, as well as help them obtain fraudulent documents. The indictment also alleges that they profited from this illegal employment scheme and laundered millions in proceeds. At the heart of the scheme were HV Connect, Inc., a temporary employment agency that operated in Philadelphia, PA, and Canton, Ohio, and TN Job Service, Inc., a temporary employment agency that operated in Philadelphia, PA, Pennsauken, NJ, Canton, Ohio, and New Philadelphia, Ohio. - 11 April

MIAMI - Drug traffickers and murderers were among the 37 criminals arrested here last week by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents.
The public safety operation dubbed “Safe Streets” culminated Monday following a weeklong effort targeting violent criminal aliens living in South Florida neighborhoods. These arrests are part of ICE's ongoing enforcement initiative to remove those who have no legal right to remain in the country and who pose a threat to our community. - 5 April

NEW ORLEANS, La. -- Sixty-eight illegal aliens and two U.S. citizens were arrested here this weekend during a joint law enforcement operation between U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Gretna Police Department (GPD). The public safety operation targeted violent criminal aliens living in New Orleans neighborhoods. These arrests are part of ICE's ongoing enforcement initiative to remove those who have no legal right to remain in the country and who pose a threat to our community. Of the 68 individuals arrested, 12 were criminal aliens, nine had illegally re-entered the United States after having been deported, and three had outstanding warrants of removal. Some of the individuals arrested have been convicted of violent crimes including domestic violence, theft and drug possession. - 5 April

BUFFALO, N.Y - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today announced that 1,368 people have been removed from New York in the first six months of fiscal 2006. More than 1,000 of the individuals removed had criminal convictions and many came into ICE custody directly from New York State prisons as part of ICE's Criminal Alien Program (CAP). Others were arrested as part of the ICE Fugitive Operations Program. - 4 April

That's lots of activity, and this is just in April. Notice how many of these people have already been caught and deported at least once already. This is yet another reason to strengthen our borders, if for no other reason than to keep those who have been caught and deported from entering again.

One wonders if ICE will make an appearance at the May Day protests:

The National Immigration Law Center called on organizations nationwide to sign a petition urging ICE to assure the public it won't make any immigration arrests during the protests. The agency said its policy is not to discuss potential operations. "ICE will continue to operate as it does every day of the year," Boyd said.

The rumors affected a wide variety of businesses. In New Jersey and New York, day-laborer gathering sites drew only a trickle of workers. "It is the ugliest of rumors because it has intimidated people who are already afraid. They are living in the shadows of society, wondering who is going to knock on the door," said the Rev. Allan Ramirez, pastor of the Brookville Dutch Reform Church in Long Island, N.Y.

It just might be that ICE does show up on May first. It might not be at the protests either. Perhaps they will show up at more workplaces. I don't share the sympathy of Reverend Ramirez. This is not a problem that we created and nobody seems interested in attacking the cause of why all these people are coming here illegally. The fault for that lies with the governments of our southern neighbors.

Lets see just what type of impact there is on Monday when Illegal Immigrants plan to show us how much work is done in this country by them. If they really want to get the message out, then they should boycott working for us ungrateful Americans for a full week, not just for a day. Lets really see exactly how big a problem we really have. All I think a one-day boycott is going to prove is that much of the work being done by illegals is non-critical and the mass protests will show us how many there are, bring about more pressure for the Government to go after them, not accept them. Once this issue is dealt with, we can get to the serious issue of automation in places where cheap labor has delayed the installation of machinery.

Nearly 1,200 arrested in crackdown on illegal workers - The State, SC
Raid Rumors Fuel Fear Among Immigrants - WTOP Radio DC


Keith said...

fred, you are my hero! stumbled onto your blog looking for info on illegal immigration. preach it, brother! i have an hispanic family living next door that i'm fairly certain are mostly illegal. it's aggravating to think that they are receiving benefits of living in this country without paying the taxes. i, on the other hand, just sent uncle sam a check for $1500+ in addtion to the taxes already held from my paycheck. that SUCKS!

DADvocate said...

Keep it up, Fred.

We need to remind our Senators and Representatives who elected them and whose interest they are supposed to represent, the citizesn of the U.S. not illgegal aliens. I think we all should email or otherwise contact them on Monday, May 1.

Contact your Senators:

Contact your Representative:

Anonymous said...

First I would like to say that I am not against immigration. America would be nothing today without immigrants. This country was founded with them - a fact that most seem to forget. We should be working together, trying to find a solution in order to welcome those here that need a home vs trying to deport everyone that certain people don't think fit in. Where would you be today if someone thought that your ancestor didn't fit and had them deported?

I thank you Fred Fry for including so many references in your Blog (even if they are all from the same source) but I don't agree with the statement that those that are here to work are not contributing to jobs we need done. Not everything can be automated as you state and there are plenty of jobs that we so called great Americans think are beneath us to do. I do not believe there is anything wrong with those that come here to work in order to feed and clothe their families. I applaud them for still wanting to take care of their families and for doing the work without complaining about the hours, the conditions, the pay or even lack of benefits. Would you do the same? If not don't condemn those that are willing to do so.

A personal note to Mathetes: I am sorry to hear that there are still people like you in the world. You don't even know for sure about the family next door and probably haven't even taken the time to get to know them (“fairly certain” doesn't cut it in my book). Maybe you should ask them about it first or find out if they are paying taxes just like the rest of us before you become the judge and jury and condemn them. Maybe with a little help from you they would be able to be welcome instead of persecuted and your families would be the better for it. No one likes nor should they have to live in a neighborhood of hate. I also see that you list one of your Favorite Books as the Bible. Maybe you should think about that popular slogan "What Would Jesus Do" before passing your judgment onto others.

Keith said...

i HAVE gotten to know them. they TOLD me some of their family is here illegally. no hate here. i simply think people should obey the laws, which by the way answers your question: "what would jesus do?" he would tell them to obey the laws ("give to caesar what is caesar's") saint peter also told us to obey the laws of the land (1 peter 2:13ff). by the way, my best friend is hispanic. he and his family are here legally and they do not support the "day without immigrants." i would be willing to bet that most of the protesters don't want citizenship; they want free services and jobs without taxes.

Ellen K said...

I wonder how excited the Mexican government would be about open borders if we took all their earnings before they left the country and scrapped the income tax for an overall sales tax that hits all consumers. It sort of levels the playing field and makes coming here illegally a less attractive option. The attraction now is that even with under the table pay, the illegals are making more than they would at home. Take away that advantage with a sales tax and the shine wears off. Of course that would mean dismantling an aspect of government every bit as entrenched as Social Security, but then again, it could turn things around.

Ellen K said...

Not to spark a panic, but some of the things that are NOT being discussed are the large numbers of OTM's that the Border Patrol have caught. Unlike Mexicans, who are sent back across, OTM's are given a court date and RELEASED because there just aren' enough facilities to hold them. In an era when the talk of suitcase nukes is common, does it really make sense to ignore anyone who crosses? We already know that terrorists will use women and children as envoys of death, a nasty trick left over from Vietnam. So what would keep some guy from crossing at say, Lajitas near the Big Bend. Look at a map, there's hundreds of miles of NOTHING. My uncle lives there and used to leave his house unlocked while he went to drill water wells. Now he not only locks the house, but the barn and garage. And he carries a loaded shotgun in his truck. Neighbors have been robbed at gunpoint-it doesn't make the big city news-and it isn't uncommon to find abandoned tractor trailer rigs in the middle of nowhere. I guess that is just coincidence. But I bet there are similar stories of people coming over, destroying people's land, killing their livestock and getting away with it because some liberal lawyer knows which judges will let them off. Check around Tucson and other border towns and you will see the same thing. It's like having vistors come and vandalize your house and then complain about the meals. It takes a lot of gall to do that. UT-Arlington, there's a professor of Hispanic studies who is big into the whole Aztlan Scenario, which is the Hispanic retaking of the western US. Never mind that the only real native were the tribes that Mexico has relegated to the outlying regions of the country and those trying to "invade" are descendants of Spanish Conquistadors. Last time I looked, Spain was still in Europe. So they can just stop the whole "European" hating narrative right there.