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Senator Kennedy to illegals: "You are the Future of America"

I am trying to figure out if the Citizens of Massachusetts are really smart or are really stupid. This is because they keep sending two of the biggest 'asses' of their state back to the Senate. I leave open that they are smart in the slight chance that by sending Senators Kennedy and Kerry back to DC, so that they will not have to deal with them back at home.

The inspiration for this post comes from catching a glimpse of Senator Kennedy addressing the 100,000 or so illegal immigrants that were assembled in DC on Monday. The news clip had Kennedy telling the crowd:
"You are the future of America" - Senator Ted Kennedy to DC's Illegal Immigrants
I cannot find any coverage of this in the news this morning, which is a shame because it was a very powerful message to everyone concerned about illegal immigration; Senator Kennedy welcomes illegal immigrants to America. Now what he and other Democrats are thinking is that the illegals are the future of the Democrat party. Expose the Left caught this "Lets work together, Vote Democrat 2006" poster at the DC rally.

Here is how Senator Kennedy was quoted by the Baltimore Sun:

"It's time for Americans to lift their voices now, in pride for our immigrant past and pride for our immigrant future," Kennedy said. "We stand for the future. We stand for our families. We stand for our faith. And I stand with you."

Funny how they left out the Senator's "You are the future of America" comment. I would think that the Baltimore Sun's readers would be interested in that. Then again, this is how conspiracy's work.

Now I have nothing against legal immigrants. HALF OF ALL MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS are here legally. The problem is that all Mexican immigrants get treated like crap because nobody can tell who is here legally and who is not. There are reports that between 10-20% of all Mexican citizens currently live in the US. That would meant the 5-10% of Mexico's total population is living in the US legally already. That sounds like a pretty liberal immigration policy to me. My interest is in sending the illegal immigrants back home.

As far as I am concerned, we can admit 1 legal immigrant for every illegal immigrant that is deported, so the net effect on the workforce is nil. Give will give a chance for all those around the world who would love to immigrate to the US and become citizens but are too far away to walk here, or are not willing to break the law.

Somewhere in all of this is the terrorist equation. Remember how the Democrats (and Many Republicans) rose up a month ago demanding that our ports be turned into fortresses, examining everything going in and out. How can it be that the very same members of congress are fighting any attempt to strengthen our other borders.

Congress should start dealing with this problem in the following areas:
1. Secure the borders. More Fences, more Agents, more deportations.
2. Go after those who employ illegals.
3. Pressure our southern neighbors. It is because their economy's suck why people are leaving.
4. Rebuild Us Citizen and Immigration Services. This is the Part of the Government that deals with immigrants. (Formerly BCIS and formerly INS.) As someone who has dealt with USCIS, it is beyond broken.
We also need to do something about these Congressmen, like Kennedy, that are all too eager to turn their backs on the people they are supposed to represent.

Note: I am legally responsible for a legal immigrant. This means the following:

I can be prosecuted by the US Government if my immigrant wife receives ANY Government Aid such as unemployment, Welfare, etc. as I agreed to fully support my wife unless one of the three following conditions is met:
1. My wife works and pays social security taxes for 10 years.
2. She permenantly moves back to her home country.
3. I die.
After being married for two years, my wife can divorce me and continue to live in the country and I am still responsible for supporting her here.

Further on Illegal Immigration:

UPDATE: 13 April 2006

Text of the speech given by Senator Kennedy to Illegal Aliens:

Thank you, Jaime Contreras for that warm introduction.

Buenos tardes! Gracias por darme la oportunidad de estar en este evento. Y gracias por demandar justicia para todos los inmigrantes.

I look across this historic gathering and I see the future of America. As President Kennedy proclaimed a half century ago, we are a Nation of Immigrants. And today, we stand together as brothers and sisters to shape America's destiny -- old Americans, new Americans, future Americans -- all joined together for the common good.

Let me ask you some questions. Are you ready? (Estas listo?)

Do you have a job? (Tienes trabajo?)

Do you love your family? (Amas a su familia?)

Do you love your community? (Amas a su comunidad?)

Do you love America? (Amas a America?)

You are what this debate is about. It is about good people who come to America to work, to raise their families, to contribute to their communities, and to reach for the American dream.

This debate goes to the heart of who we are as Americans. It will determine who can earn the privilege of citizenship.

It will determine our strength in separating those who would harm us from those who contribute to our values.

It will determine our future progress as a nation and our future economic growth.

Some in Congress want to turn America away from its true spirit. They believe immigrants are criminals. That's false. [NOTE: The Felony proposal came from Democrats]

They believe any of us who help immigrants -- even our priests -- are criminals, too. That's false.

They say you should report to deport. I say report to become American citizens.

More than four decades ago, near this place, Martin Luther King called on the nation to let freedom ring. Freedom did ring -- and freedom can ring again.

It is time for Americans to lift their voices now -- in pride for our immigrant past and in pride for our immigrant future.

We stand for the future. (Nosotros apoyamos el futuro.)

We stand for our families. (Nosotros apoyamos nuestras familias.)

We stand for our faith. (Nosotros apoyamos nuestra fe.)

I stand with you. And you and you and you and you.

Are you with me? (Estan conmigo?)

John McCain and I have a plan. It is a strong plan. It is a fair plan. It is a plan for America's future. And today we are making that future happen.

Will you support us? (Me apoyan?)

Will you support us? (Me apoyan?)

Will you support us? (Me apoyan?)

Well, I'm here today to say that we will support you, too. (Nosotros vamos a apoyar a ustedes tambien.)

We will never give up. We will never give in.

Hasta la Victoria! -

Si se puede!

Update: 1 May 2006

It seems that Senator Kennedy is listening to people who understand that this is the wrong path. He is now agreeing with the President that the Star Spangled Banner Should be sung in English.

Senator Kennedy: “[T]he Star Spangled Banner ought to be sung in English. Period.” - Expose the Left

Why wasn't he asked if he still thought that illegal aliens were still the future of America?

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