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CIA Leaker Mary McCarthy - Follow the Money

The blogosphere is hot following the story of CIA leaker/smalltime traitor Mary McCarthy. I am not going to attempt to get into the middle of the great analysis being made by blogs starting with Macsmind, Ace of Spades, Jawa Report, The Strata Sphere, and Rightwing Nuthouse. (Homepages linked due to ongoing posts about the subject.) Instead, I would like to point out another area that needs investigation:

Follow the money.

That's right. I believe there is a money aspect to all of this. Take a look at the contributions made by the McCarthy household:

14 March 2004 $2,000 - John Kerry (Mary McCarthy)
14 March 2004 $2,000 - John Kerry (McCarthy, Husband)
05 Oct 2004 $5,000 - Ohio Democratic Party (Mary McCarthy)
02 March 2004 $500 - Mikulski Senate-MD (McCarthy, Husband)
That totals $9,500. Wow. That is pretty damn generous. Too generous I say. I understand that you want to support your candidate, but are you telling me that your going to donate $7,000 of your Government salary to any Presidential candidate? Some may say that she is doing so in the hopes of winning a high appointment in the Kerry Administration. This I have to say is not a valid defense as the Democrats currently complain that the Republicans are giving ambassadorships to high campaign contributors. Surely the Democrats are not guilty of something so pity. Anyway, the Republican contributors are not rewarded for giving their own money, but for getting (many) others to donate money.

I think the most telling contribution above is the $5,000 to the Ohio Democratic Party. Since Ohio was the last stop of the 2004 election, some claim that Bush stole Ohio to win the election. Mrs. McCarthy must have had a real bitter taste in her mouth watching the one state she gave a contribution to, go against the man she was supporting.

For those not following the story, Mary McCarthy was hired by Sandy Berger. This is the man caught with national secrets stuffed in his pants. Mr. Berger is also a big political contributor. Over $50,000 since 1982 according to a detailed table by Newsmeat. Howard Dean, by comparison apparently has donated less than $1,000. That sounds like a reasonable sum. He has only made two contributions, the latest in 1994. (Then you have people like Jamie Gorelick who seem to throw their money everywhere.)

Joe Wilson, the man who lied about what he found in Niger concerning Iraq's attempts to purchase yellowcake from them is also a big Democrat contributor. Mr. Wilson has also managed to avoid being on the receiving end of any investigation into his conduct. (So far.)

All of this makes me wonder. Where is all of this money coming from? Are these Government employees that loose with their money? How much was Joe Wilson paid by the CIA to feed America disinformation from a position of authority? How much money did Mary McCarthy receive for feeding confidential information to the Washington Post? How much money did these people receive and then passed on to the John Kerry campaign? In the case of Mary McCarthy, if she did receive compensation from the Washington Post or other reporter/news organizations, did she report it to the IRS?

At any rate, there is possibly a financial aspect to the actions of Mary McCarthy and Joe Wilson. Is it possibile that CIA funds have somehow been illegally misdirected to Democrat political campaigns? I have no proof for this, but unless the financial situation of the people breaking the law have been investigated, then this remains a scary possibility.

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