Saturday, August 13

The Connection between Iraq, Al-Qaeda and the War on Terror

- Iraq invades Kuwait (2 August 1990)

- UN demands that Iraq withdraw from Kuwait (2 August 1990)

- US military invited into Saudi Arabia to defend the Kingdom against Iraq. (7 August 1990)

- Osama Bin Laden issues fatwa against the Americans “Occupying the land of the two Holy Places.” (23 August 1996)

See, this whole War on Terror is all due to a simple misunderstanding. Look at the last point above. Bin Laden issues a Fatwa against the Americans that were occupying Saudi Arabia. Well the US was not occupying any part of Saudi Arabia, they just so happened to be invited into Saudi Arabia.

Why were they invited in? Could it be that the Saudis realized that they could not defend the "Two Holy Places" on their own? Haven’t we since left?

Now this is not a connection between Iraq and 9/11. I am not going to attempt to do that. Hell, they can't even convict Atta's roommate in Germany (Abdelghani Mzoudi) for assisting Atta with 9/11 because it is not possible to prove that Atta had told him about 9/11. He knew that Atta was a terrorist. After all they were both went to terrorist training together in Afghanistan and the roommate knew that Atta was in flight school in the US, pay his bills and sending Atta money.

Did Bush start the whole Iraq War? Nope, the timeline that I have says that Saddam did in 1990. Bush is the one who finished the war, and yes, this is the same war that Saddam started in 1990. Bush Senior did not finish it (the UN got in the way) Clinton did not finish it, letting the UN oversee the hunt for weapons. It was Bush Jr. who finished it.

Al-Qaeda is not the only player in world terror. This is something the left needs to understand.
Would September 11 ever have happened if Saddam had not invaded Kuwait and set the timeline above rolling? Then again, he could have complied with the UN Weapons Inspectors and proved he had no WMD, but he decided against that.


reliapundit said...

the 1993 wtc attack was on the annivesary of the surrender of saddam to the usa in 1991.

coincidence!? yeah, sure...

Anonymous said...

9-11 was on the anniversary of President Allende's death in 1973 but that doesn't make Osama bin Laden an Allende supporter. There is no way in telling how terrorist nutjobs choose their dates.