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Bring General MacArthur Home

General MacArthur died in 1964 and is buried in Norfolk, Virginia.

During his life, he served the United States in the Army during WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

The man is a great American Hero

There is a good summary of his life in Wikipedia. It also mentions that there was some controversy over his decisions in all the wars he fought. Well I doubt there are any great leaders who can escape the claim of being a ‘controversial’ figure in today’s politically correct world.

There is a statue of General MacArthur in Inchon, Korea. This is where the General landed troops behind the North Korean invaders, turning the tide of the Korean War and putting the North on the defensive. It was no easy feat landing troops in Inchon, and probably would never have been attempted without MacArthur insisting to attack there. The statue was built in 1957 to honor the General and most likely was ignored until sometime in 2002 when Anti-American hatred (most likely Iraq/Bush related) began to spill out into Korean society. Seeing the MacArthur Statue as a target, the police have guarded it around the clock since 2002.

Those wishing to do damage to the General are small in number, but then again it does not take many to do a great deal of damage in the name of an extreme position. We all know that South Koreans (in general) no longer see North Korea as a threat, or at least not as great a threat as the United States. This of course is partly due to these South Koreans completely ignoring their own history, which I pointed out in a previous post.

The US has removed some of it’s troops, partly to appease the south, and partly because they were needed elsewhere and not needed where they're at. We are their guests after all. We have put up with the friction of being there because it is easier to keep the North from thinking of attacking, then it is to take the country back from the North, again.

It was pointed out to the North Koreans that the US was moving its forces from the border but that the US had high altitude bombers ready to strike if they ever attacked. In essence this was a smart move as if the North ever attacked they were going to fall over the demilitarized zone anyway and Seoul is expected to fall into the hands of the North in any future attack. The American forces close to the border were there mostly to destroy everything that would slow down their advance. Best to get them out of the way and in a better defensive position.

However, with the repositioning further south, we have left one of our own behind. I say it is time to get him back.

(Riot Police and supporters defending the MacArthur Statue in Inchon, Korea)

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