Tuesday, August 23

Those who cannot learn, Prologue: SONY Blue-Ray DVD Stupidity

"Next-generation optical disks that are robust enough to stay relevant for more than 10 years are required to take advantage of high-definition video and high-quality audio, and the 0.1 mm (Blu-ray) disk structure is advantageous in this regard," - Taro Takamine, Sony

I won't touch Sony products with a ten foot pole. The breakdown in talks about deciding the next DVD format is just another example of how Sony simply insists on selling electronics that are not compatible with anything other than another Sony product. Oh, yes, the Sony products are more expensive then other comparable products.

It might be that Sony makes the best electronics, but I have a digital camera, computer, and now a fully electronic movie camera. None of these are Sony, but they are high quality products and the output is excellent. Sony was handed a valuable lesson years ago when they pressed ahead with their Betamax tapes when everyone else went VHS. You would think, lesson learned, but no.

Sony has their Memory Sticks, which I consider a very expensive storage option when compared to compact flash and the other storage cards. Do their products accept other types of storage? No.

So now Sony has their Blu-Ray DVD format that is better that the HD DVD format and they are unwilling to comprimize at all to define a standard. Oh yes, the Blu-Ray DVDs will be more expensive.

I do not predict a happy outcome for Blu-Ray.

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