Friday, August 12

Sheehan and George: Update II

Just to give you an idea of how slanted the press is treating this story, I give you the following Google News searches as a perfect example: (Search done 12:40 Eastern)

Sheehan - 3,730 hits

Sheehan Family - 850 Hits

Quarterolo - 4 Hits

Mrs. Quarterolo is the Aunt who release a statment from the Rest of Soldier Sheehan's familiy concerning the actions of his mother in Texas.

The four hits do not include the Drudge Report, probably because Google does not consider it a news source. One of the three results actually questions the authenticity of the family statement.
What, no coverage from CNN, Fox News, CBS, the NY Times? Good job MSM. LEts see how they cover Able Danger-Gate.
Able Danger - 6,140 Hits. Not bad.

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