Monday, January 23

Before you move to Canada: Update II

Seems like today is a great day to link to some of my previous work. My second post consisted of advice to all those who were 'threatening' to move to Canada. After all, moving is a drastic measure, just because you hate our current President.

There are few things more annoying, other than having your candidate lose his bid for the White House, than deciding to move to Canada and discovering that you need to wait in line for up to a year in order to get a work permit. So while you are waiting, I would like to suggest that you take advantage of the wait to check out some other options before you pack up and leave. - Fred Fry

In addition the the warnings in the original piece, you can probably also kiss the liberal government up there goodbye as there are elections in Canada today and the liberals are headed for big losses, including losing control. We all know that polls are slanted in favor of the liberals, but even so they are showing the liberals losing by a couple percentage points. So their loss will probably be greater than that today.

The shift in government up there is probably one less reason to move to Canada. Once the new government takes power, you can most likely remove a second reason; legalized marijuana.

As always, feedback welcome!

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