Saturday, January 28

Be Careful What You Ask For: HAMAS

Congratulations to the Palestinian People for holding free elections. So what if the results were not as many outsiders wanted. Even President Bush congratulated them. Sure, the US has HAMAS listed as a terrorist Organization, and the US will not deal with them, just as we would not deal with Arafat. But that is just part of the game. Now it is HAMAS's responsibility to make their government work, without US assistance.

This election has one other major implication. HAMAS is no longer just a terror organization. It is now the Government. So the next time a Hamas suicide bomber blows himself up on a bus in Israel, it will be the government itself that is responsible. In an extreme case, Israel could call these attacks acts of war.

The joke is, HAMAS is going to have a hard time preventing people from blowing themselves up in Israel in HAMAS's name. Denying responsibility for the attacks will not work any longer. Claiming responsibility for the attacks might probably result in Israel striking the Palestinian Parliment while it is meeting. Some of the newly elected are already wanted by Israel. Should be interesting to see what happens next. HAMAS is about to learn some hard lessons. I hope the result is good for all involved.

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