Saturday, April 21

John McCain 2008: Joke Conveys Seriousness of Iran Problem

Presidential hopeful John McCain has caught some flack for his 'bomb Iran' comment while addressing veterans.

First, I do not think he said this by mistake. He probably even expected that the press was going to take off on this, knowing the snakes that they are. Now this was not a planned reply as it was a response to a question from the audience. But surely he thought over the implications of his response prior to opening his mouth. After all, he is no rookie politician.

I have not taken too much time following the McCain campaign, or any of them for that matter. After all, it is still pretty far before any of the primaries. (I have commented on some Democrats aspiring to get into the White House, but it is easier to dismiss a candidate than to find a suitable one.) I have not really cared for a McCain Presidency, partly because of his age and because he is not as conservative as I would want him to be. However, all of a sudden he seems much more agreeable a candidate. No, not because of the statement. That just caught my attention.

He has also gotten flack for some statements made about Iraq. What was missing from the coverage was that he was making them from Iraq. Now take Iran for a second. the press is crawling all over McCain's statement. There has been no comment from Iran yet, but you can bet that within a week they will condemn his as well and the press will use that in an attempt to bury his Presidential bid. But what about Iran? Where is the press in condemning Iran's statements about wiping Israel and the US off the map? Sure, the press is located here and not in Iran. But that is no excuse. How about chasing Iran's ambassador to the UN and confronting him with some questions about his President's statements? I guess not.

In terms of 2008 Republican hopefuls, Fred Thompson has also caught my attention. Sure he is an actor, but he, unlike most other actors, is not only conservative, but also able to speak without having a script to read from. (More on Thompson when he declares his intentions.)

Hmmm. What about a Thompson-McCain ticket?


Anyway, I have had this damn Bomb Iran jingle stuck in my head.
Bomb Iran - 2007
Sung by Senator John McCain and the United States Military
(to the tune of "Barbara Ann" by the Beach Boys)

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Netanz.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, BOMB Netanz!

Went to Netanz, checking compliance.
Found them building Nukes... So we flattened their plant.


Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Tehran.
Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, BOMB Tehran!

Went to Tehran, looking for the man.
Found him making threats... So we dropped a JDam.
One thing everyone seems to forget is that strength is the only thing that Iran seems to react to. Carter's Presidency was basically held hostage by the taking of the US Embassy hostages in Tehran. (As it so happens, that even gave birth to the first version of 'Bomb Iran') Iran commonly acts with the understanding that those they act against will not hold them to account. This is why they managed to get away with taking 15 UK Sailors and Marines Hostage. This is why they managed to make a mockery of over three years of nuclear negotiations with the EU3. And this is why they are currently ignoring UN Sanctions imposed against them. This is nothing new. they have been doing this since the Iranian Revolution.

Remember, that the people of Iran are not our enemy. However, it is the people who empower their crazy leaders. At some point, we have have to target the people to get at the leaders. Hopefully, the Iranians will not force us to go that far. to prevent that, our 'friends' in Europe will need to back us up in solving the Iran problem.

HLet me leave you with a President Bush version of Bomb Iran:


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merjoem32 said...

Interesting view. McCain probably realized before hand what the effect of his McCain on Iran song will be. However, i don't think that it was still a smart comment to make because it will reinforce views that he is a war mongering candidate.