Saturday, April 14

Holding a Global Warming Concert is like having a barbecue while your house burns down

Mr. Gore, as part of his Global Warming Crusade, is planning the world's largest concerts in support of Fighting Global Warming.

For a smart guy, he just doesn't get it. You don't hold a party like this. The party has already been held. Now it is time to pay. If anything, how about holding the concert over the internet so that there is no mass migration of people to attend these concerts. Really, how many tons of carbon are going to be emitted by all the people traveling to attend these concerts? Just think, these concerts that are ‘designed’ to bring attention to Global Warming, are going to contribute to Global Warming.

Purchase of Carbon Credits is not going to cancel the damage done by these concerts. Worse, purchase of credits undoes whatever good is being done by those who are creating the carbon Credits in the first place as there is a good chance that that carbon credit would remain unused, resulting in a reduction in Greenhouse Gasses. Selling the credit undoes the reduction.

We are never going to seriously tackle this problem (if it even is a problem at all!) as long as this sort of half-assed activism is not confronted.

Go to the concert if you want to listen to the music. But if you want to fight Global Warming, then the biggest contribution you can make to the event, is to not go at all.

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