Thursday, August 10

Shaving Cream, Deodorant and Terrorists bombing Airplanes

It did not make sense at the time, but with the news of terror arrests in the UK related to a plot to bomb airplanes over the Atlantic, I now understand why my bag was searched on July 1st.

I spent a week in Amsterdam for a conference. As is normal, when I checked in, KLM had to clear me for the flight because either I or a person with my name is on a no-fly watchlist. This has been going on for years and I am familiar with how each airline deals with it.

When I arrived at JFK, I noticed that the plastic ties I use to close the zippers were removed from two of the pockets. Missing was my deodorant and my shaving cream can.

I can understand confiscating these items from my carry on bag, but they took them out of my checked in bag.

Clearly, there was some sort of notice out to the airports to be suspicious of these items. Makes you wonder what other plots are still out there.

Unfortunatly, even thoug the plot appears to have been stopped, they still managed to make traveling more inconvient for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, even though this plot appears to have been stopped, they still managed to make traveling more inconvenient for the rest of us.

NO LIQUIDS OR GELS OF ANY KIND WILL BE PERMITTED IN CARRY ON BAGGAGE. ITEMS MUST BE IN CHECKED BAGGAGE. This includes all beverages, shampoo, sun tan lotion, creams, tooth paste, hair gel, and other items of similar consistency.

Exception: Baby formula and medicines must be presented for inspection at the checkpoint. - TSA

Looks like this latest plot was serious and just a step away from actually being carried out.

Lets see how long before the US left starts claiming that this is a Bush/Rove plot to effect the upcoming elections!

Threat Level Change for the Aviation Sector - TSA 10 Aug 06

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