Friday, August 18

Germany's thinking Off by 180 Degrees

Hidden behind the news of the disappearance of France's Lebanon peacekeeping forces is the small issue of Germany's problem of having their army face Israel if deployed along the Lebanese border. Take this headline in a number of papers:

German troops may face Jews

This is nothing but a lame excuse to avoid sending soldiers to enforce a ceasefire that they (and the French) pushed onto the situation with promises of contributions to the peacekeeping effort.

In reality, their thinking is all wrong in this matter. There is little need for any of the troops on that border to be facing south as there is a long history of the problem coming from the north.

All the German troops need do is turn around! Unfortunately, I suspect they would rather not, as they would then actually have to face (and deal with) the real problem at hand. At least, if they shoot someone in that direction, the chances of the target being a Jew are quite small.

No matter, word is out this morning that Germany will not be sending any troops at all other than some naval forces that are not exactly needed at all. They many, however, assist with the logistics and air transport needs for the mostly non-existent UN Force.

Perhaps the French and the Germans have no interest in being Hezbollah's newest human shields. It is slightly amusing that the biggest blame for the failure of this ceasefire will be levied on the (peacekeeping) army that didn't show up!

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The German and French troops may start shooting at each other.