Thursday, August 3

Democrats New Iraq Strategy: Civil War

If you managed to catch any of the Senate hearings today, then you quickly saw the Democrat's new strategy in dealing with Iraq:
- First, declare that Iraq is in a Civil War.

- Then pull the troops out because the 'civil war' is an internal matter.
Sadly, the Democrats have basically given the terrorists a roadmap on how to get the US out so that they can really create havoc inside Iraq. Not like they need the Democrats to tell them. Especially after:
  • Vietnam
  • Lebanon
  • Somalia
How can the world's most powerful military lose a war? Just let the press, public opinion and the Democrats run it.

The most ridiculous part of the hearing was that it was taking place in Washington, DC, which itself is in a crime emergency. During July 21 people were murdered in the city and people were robbed at gunpoint in the Mall in the shadow of the Capital building.

Not much else to say on this issue.

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