Thursday, August 10

It is NOT OK to let your son go to Pakistan

Word is out that at least two of the terrorists arrested in the UK had recently returned from Pakistan where they had received some training.

When are muslim parents going to learn that IT IS NOT OK TO LET YOUR SON GO TO PAKISTAN.

It dosn't matter if they are in their thirties, twenties and especially in their teens, you should not allow them to go. Whatever the excuse:
- Attend a wedding
- Religious school
- Visit distant relative
- Do humanitarian work
The excuses are all lies. Chances are, they are up to no good and chances are they will be watched by the US, the UK and every other first-world nation they come in contact with.

Once you understand that, then perhaps you might want to find out why they are spending so much time at the mosque.

Not all muslims are terrorists but it seems that most terrorists are muslims. As long as that is true and your son considers foreigners his 'brothers' and not his fellow countrymen, then he will be watched and treated differently. (and rightly so!)

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Anonymous said...

Seeds were sown when we funded the Mujahideen and supported Islamic extremism in Afghanistan. Then we installed dictator Musharraf in Pakistan.

Chickens coming home to roost.