Tuesday, October 21

Oil Drillers Prefer McCain 68% to Obama's 13%

The Military is not the only profession that heavily prefers Republican John McCain over Democrat Barack Obama.

Here is a good poll of another set of professional workers, those who work in the oil drilling industry. The poll was conducted by Drilling Contractor Magazine. It is good for a number of reasons.

First, in the US, Oil Drilling professionals prefer a President McCain by 68% to Obama's 13%. Obama does so poorly, that a donkey scores higher than he does, by a full 3%.

Obama does not even score 1% with Canadian drillers. Otherwise, US-friendly Canada's results match the US when it comes to a McCain preference.

I suspect that Senator Obama's position/message that 'ExxonMobil is evil' certainly didn't do him any good in the US and Canada where I bet many a driller saw his position (and the position of Democrats in general) on oil and oil companies as a threat to their livelihood. I would think that Obama's tax position is not so popular either, even if most workers make less than $200,000 a year. After all, the possibility of making much more certainly goes down if Obama manages to tax the companies they work for much more.

Obama's anti-oil position might also partly explain why Obama is so popular with drillers in other parts of the world. Countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, etc. because they don't exactly have the best interest of the US in mind. Also, workers in these parts of the world might be bitter against the US and US oil workers for earning much more than they do. I would also dare say that Obama's popularity increases with oil works as the oil production productivity of the country they are in decreases.

And whether these workers are pro or anti Obama, you can surely bet that none of these people are too concerned about global warming that they are wishing a President Obama upon their industry to force them to cut back on drilling.

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