Thursday, October 16

Biden Who? Desperation Brings: Obama - Warner

I guess Joe Biden is not the vote catcher he was made out to be by the Democrats. Not only is he almost completely absent from this Presidential Race, but now they are even dropping him from the yard signs!

Here is a photo I took while on Route 123 in McLain, Virginia on my way to vote today. I noticed the signs first yesterday which just so happened to be the first day of 'vote in person' absentee voting.

I wonder how many of the dimmer-bulb Democrats are going to complain to the election officials that they can't find the 'Obama-Warner' ticket on the ballot? You know someone is going to do it... And when Obama loses all of these idiots are going to come out of the woodwork claiming that they were tricked or whatever. Who knows, these signs probably come with a pre-designed post-election lawsuit as well.

Of course the intended plan with these signs is to connect a popular Senator with Obama as some sort of added encouragement for Warner supporters to support Obama as well. I doubt that many are going to fall for that trick. In fact I am pretty sure it was the trigger point for me in voting Republican across all ballot. I have not done that in over a decade, but seeing Senator Warner's name on the same sign made me realize that a vote for any Democrat this election is a vote For Obama, and Pelosi, and Murtha, and William ($90,000 in the Freezer) Jefferson, and Charlie Rangel, and Harry Reid, and all of those people who I can't vote for yet millions of idiotic Americans (and about 2 million illegal aliens) keep sending back to Congress to F the rest of us over. (Really, your Congressmen is caught red-handed with almost $100,000 in illegal payoffs stuffed in his freezer and instead of sending him to jail you send him back to Congress. No wonder the Democrats are so eager to 'help' the poor, at least on Election Day!) So, I voted against the one Democrat Senator I could vote against. You should consider doing so too because a 'President Obama' can't raise your taxes without the assistance of these other clowns in Congress, who appear to be almost as socialist as this guy is. So vote accordingly.

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