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Obama is the 'Most Liberal Senator' AND Member of the Socialist Party

It is old news that Senator Obama has the most liberal voting record in the US Senate, thereby being the most Liberal US Senator:
Obama Ranked Most Liberal Senator in 2007

It may or may not be a trophy that he wants to pick up right now.

The National Journal is out with its 27th Annual vote ratings and it ranked Sen. Barack Obama as the most liberal Senator in the entire Senate. (His first year he was 16th, and last year he was 10th.) But he wasn't alone in his shift to the left. Sen. Hillary Clinton was 16th herself in 2007 after being 32nd in 2006. - NPR (A Liberal News Organization so it must be true...)
Now there is breaking news that Senator Obama has hidden his past membership in a Socialist Political Party:
From the October 1996 Update of the DSA 'New Party':
"New Party members are busy knocking on doors, hammering down lawn signs, and phoning voters to support NP candidates this fall. Here are some of our key races...

Illinois: Three NP-members won Democratic primaries last Spring and face off against Republican opponents on election day: Danny Davis (U.S. House), Barack Obama (State Senate) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary)." - Politically Drunk on Power

Found at Ace of Spades (Big: Scrubbed Web Pages Resurface Naming Obama As Member of Expressly-Leftist "New Party")
Here is a little about the New Party from a version of wikipedia certain to be edited many times in the next couple weeks:
The New Party was founded in the early 1990s by Daniel Cantor, a former staffer for Jesse Jackson's 1988 presidential campaign, and by sociology and law professor Joel Rogers as an effort to break with the largely unsuccessful history of left-leaning third parties in the United States.

The party could best be described as social democratic in orientation, although party statements almost invariably used the terms "small-d democratic" or "progressive" instead. Its founders chose the name "New Party" in an effort to strike a fresh tone, free of associations with dogmas and ideological debates.

After a false start in New York, the New Party built modestly successful chapters in several states. Some of these chapters — such as those in Chicago and Little Rock — had their main bases of support in the low-income community organizing group ACORN, along with some support from various labor unions (especially ACORN-allied locals of the Service Employees International Union). Other chapters — such as those in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Missoula, Montana, Montgomery County, Maryland, and Dane County, Wisconsin, received institutional support from a variety of other labor unions and community organizations. These chapters built local political organizations that ran or endorsed candidates, primarily in local non-partisan races but with occasional forays into Democratic Party primaries or (more rarely) traditional third party-style independent candidacies as well. The party's chapters elected or helped to elect dozens of candidates, including Barack Obama's 1996 run for the Illinois State Senate. Party chapters were also active between elections, pressuring elected officials to pass legislation on issues such as living wages and affordable housing. - Wikipedia
Here is something that has already been edited out of the Wikipedia entry:
In June sources released information that during his campaign for the State Senate in Illinois, Barack Obama was endorsed by an organization known as the Chicago "New Party". The 'New Party' was a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of the DSA by focusing on winnable elections at a local level and spreading the Socialist movement upwards. The admittedly Socialist Organization experienced a moderate rise in numbers between 1995 and 1999. By 1999, however, the Socialist 'New Party' was essentially defunct after losing a supreme court challenge that ruled the organizations "fusion" reform platform as unconstitutional.

After allegations surfaced in early summer over the 'New Party's' endorsement of Obama, the Obama campaign along with the remnants of the New Party and Democratic Socialists of America claimed that Obama was never a member of either organization. The DSA and 'New Party' then systematically attempted to cover up any ties between Obama and the Socialist Organizations. However, it now appears that Barack Obama was indeed a certified and acknowledged member of the DSA's New Party. - Wikipedia Revision as of 18:26, 8 October 2008
This part of his history is probably a better indication of 'the real Barack Obama' than his campaign of the last year. It is also in line with his association with domestic terrorist William Ayers. As for 'Social democracy', here is what it is:
Social democracy is a political ideology of the left and centre-left. It emerged in the late 19th century out of the socialist movement, and continues to be influential in many developed and developing nations. It advocates the creation of a democratic welfare state that combines capitalist and socialist institutions and practices. Unlike others on the left, such as Marxists, who seek to challenge the capitalist system more fundamentally, social democrats aim to reform capitalism democratically through state regulation and the creation of programs that work to counteract or remove claimed injustices. Some consider social democracy to be a moderate form of socialism, though others reject that designation. - Wikipedia
So is that what the Democrat Party is pushing through their Candidate; Democratic change to a socialist state? You know who else had a socialist state? The Soviet Union:
Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization, based upon common ownership of the means of production. It can be classified as a branch of the broader socialist movement - Wikipedia - Communism
I am not saying that Obama wants a Communist State or even a socialist one. However, this is yet more evidence that Barack Obama is not what he says he is. This is also more evidence that he is not right for this country, unless of course you want the US to be more socialistic, and the recent credit crisis is the blank check he needs to push the country to the left. It is the left that helped put the country in this current mess. Giving them a free pass to do more of their agenda is not going to get us out.

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Anonymous said...

Will Palin confirm membership in Alaska Independence Party?

Fred Fry said...

Thanks for bringing this up. Even the Alaska Independence Party has confirmed that she never was a member.

There is some greeting video she shot for them as one of her duties as Governor.