Friday, October 24

California Appeals Court: San Francisco must end its sanctuary policy

Not that its any surprise, but a California Court has ruled that San Francisco's Sanctuary Policy for illegal aliens is illegal, at least as far as those illegals suspected of drug crimes. Too bad that San Francisco pays no attention to court rulings (and laws) that they don't agree with.

Washington, DC -- October 23, 2008

City Must Follow State Law Requiring Police Officers to Report Suspected Aliens Arrested on Drug Charges to Feds

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that the First District Court of Appeal for the State of California has ruled in a Judicial Watch taxpayer lawsuit that the San Francisco Police Department must comply with a state law requiring police officers to notify federal authorities when they arrest a person for various narcotics offenses whom they suspect to be an alien, legal or illegal [Fonseca v. Fong, Case No. A120206]. - Judicial Watch

This is a good start. No word yet on how San Francisco will respond. Part of the reason we have a massive illegal alien problem is that even when these people are caught, misguided people (DEMOCRATS) protect them. Michelle Malkin has been following the Sanctuary City problem, here.

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knowitall said...

It's horrible that not only are the illegal immigrants here, but they're getting arrested for drug charges? And the liberal illuminati want to soften the consequences of crime for what reason?