Wednesday, October 15

Drink Blogging the Presidential Debate

Seems that I will be drink blogging the last Presidential debate tonight.

Until then, make sure you watch the hard-working plumber ask Obama about how he plans to tax his hard earned money and the amazing confirmation of Obama's plan to redistribute income to the masses:

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Also, in case you have not heard, the court in Ohio has gotten the State to admit that they are sitting on over 200,000 questionable voter registration cards. See Ace of Spades for more details here:

1945 - Decide to Drink Blog the debate

1955 - Off to the kitchen for a drink and to clean up from dinner (Pork Roast!)

2032 - Dishes done, TV on - FOX News

2056 - Shifted to the laptop. Enjoying an icy VodkaTonic

2057 - Coming into this debate I guess I am feeling pretty confident that McCain will win the election. I plan to vote on Thursday as I will be in Europe on Election Day.

2101 - Hofstra - Good old Long Island. I'm from LI. The North Shore.

2102 - They shook hands. Got that out of the way.

2108 - McCain starts off with calling for the Government to permit a do-over for homeowners who bought too much house. I am in favor of the Government buying these houses from the banks after they are foreclosed and then have the houses torn down. Obama - Also wants to help these deadbeat homeowners, as long as the banks don't profit from it. So both ideas suck.

2109 - McCain brings up Obama's socialist tax plan that he explained to Joe the plumber. Good for bringing it up! Obama - 'Who do we want to cut taxes for?' Brings up ExxonMobil is even. So FU all those stockholders, including me and my kids. Obama anti ownership of stock. Doesn't matter if your capital gains is not increased, your going to get less because he will take it straight from the company!

2113 - McCain strikes with Obama's ideal of Income Re-Distribution. Obama's response was frankly weak. And it seems like he is going to let it lay going straight into the next question. His voice sounds nice, it your not listening to the words.

2116 - Budget tightening - Obama plans to go through the budget line-by-line as portrayed in Dave the movie. I am all for it, if you can manage to do that. McCain's across the board cut is more doable, because it is simple to do.

2120 - Eliminate ethanol subsidies! Kill them off. Corn should be for food and the planet is hungry. McCain will also target pork project earmark's, including Obama's 'projector'.

2120 - Obama downplays earmarks neglecting to note that it costs the Government billions! McCain promises to balance the budget. "If you wanted to run against Bush you should have run four years ago." Direct hit. I could have sworn I hear audience clapping.

2123 - McCain is dominating this debate. Obama is struggling to cover the numerous areas McCain covered in his comments.

2125 - McCain: 'Your standing up to your party is just not convincing.' Obama makes no reply.

2127 - Obama is running a negative campaign and it is unfortunate that you are not telling the truth, such as when you agreed to accept Government funding and then did not.

2130 - Obama is not talking so smooth today. McCain points out that every other add during weekend football was a negative health care ad and they are not true.

2132 - Obama: 'I had nothing to do with Senator Lewis's comments.' Another poor response. McCain pointed out that Obama never repudiated his comments. Obama calls his comments appropriate. Now not appropriate. I am pretty sure he said it was appropriate comments. A slip-up or do I need another drink?

2135 - McCain stands behind his rally supporters. Nice move. Points out negative supporters at Obama rallies disturbing Obama. That is because of the Palin is a c*nt shirts Obama supporters are so fond of lately. I think Obama was disturbed that McCain might mention the specific shirts.

2136 - McCain strikes on Ayers and ACORN.

2138 - Obama tries to explain away Ayers by linking him to a Reagan supporter. Sorry, but all that does is make me want to think what Annenberg was thinking! (Annenberg gave millions to the group that Ayers and Obama were on the board of)

2140 - McCain pushes Ayers and does it well. McCain has the last word on Ayers. Also good. Bias note - I am still voting for McCain.

2142 - Obama points out his running mate, Biden's strong points. Sorry, but that is not going to work for people who know him already. It should not go over too well with anyone who drives I-95 through Delaware.

2145 - McCain talks up his running mate, Sarah Palin. Obama supports her attention to special needs. They both think the other's running mate is qualifies to be president, with Obama leaving it to the voters. McCain saying yes and immediately pointing out how Biden has been wrong on major issues including Iraq.

2146 - McCain points out how every response of Obama's includes a call for more spending and asks why is that?

2154 - Moved to the desktop as my wireless connection just died.

2156 - McCain 'Obama wants to restrict trade'. I am still trying to get reorganized here.

2158 (2152 when the laptop died) - McCain gives a strong reply on energy, noting that the US Navy has safely run nuke plants for decades. Obama pulls out the flawed meme that oil companies are sitting on land that they are not drilling on. There is a valid explanation for that which kills his response. Of course it is technical so most people will accept it as fact that the oil companies are F-ing with us. Still it is wrong and won't solve the energy problem. One thing not mentioned is that about half of the oil used in the US is domestic oil. Little Saudi oil comes to the US. It goes to Europe and Japan.

2200 - Obama's call to give those without healthcare the same health care that Congress has sounds nice, but what about everyone who has healthcare that is not so nice. They will all want to change over. But I guess they are left out because their situation will not change as they have insurance already.

2205 - Obama points out that McCain's plan will cost you money. Well, wake up because Obama's plan will cost you money as well, either as deductions or in taxes. Because face it, whatever healthcare plan shows up, It needs to be paid for. Think it is expensive now, wait until the Government gets into this business. And everyone thought that $600 screwdrivers were expensive! One good thing, Government health care will make this recent bailout look like nothing...

2206 - We reach the abortion subject. Hopefully we hear a question on gun control as well. Even better how about one on the death penalty.

2210 - McCain 'We shouldn't judge supreme Court Justice nominees on ideology, like Senator Obama does.' McCain is still going strong.

2211 - How long before CNN calls this debate for Obama? I guess that will work for people who are not paying attention to this debate and for people who believe in Obama's HOPEnCHANGE.

2212 - McCain 'We need to change the culture in this country' in regards to abortion. Then he brings out Obama's extreme record on abortion.

2213 - Obama's response to McCain's abortion charges: He goes and talks like a lawyer. He is a lawyer at the end of the day. A lawyer who voted 'present' on the issue. That is the same as voting no. Thanks for stating your vote though. He was probably concerned that McCain would use the 'present' vote stance.

2215 - McCain is fisking Obama's response (for the second time tonight.) pointing out the sneaky lawyers language Obama is using.

2216 - Last question!


2217 - In the last debate, Obama placed education as least important:

2128 - Obama - Education comes after energy and health care. McCain - We can work on all three at the same time. For me, if your going to put them in order, education should come first as children are our future and will be the ones finding solutions to our problems. - Link

2219 - Obama calls on parents to do their part in helping their kids get educated. I agree, it is not only up to the school. Parents need to follow-up at home.

2220 - McCain has a strong response on education but leaves Obama's comments alone, other than pointing out that some of the worse schools in the US get the most money per student so throwing more money is not the solution. Good answer.

2224 - McCain attacks the DC school system and defends 'No Child Left Behind' calling for it to be renewed. Did Obama attack it? I must have missed that.

2226 - McCain is stomping on Obama's final words, which incidentally started by agreeing with McCain. That he let pass. McCain attacks Obama's response on vouchers noting that there will be a shortage of vouchers, not enough for all.

2228 - Closing remarks for McCain. He closes on his record of service and noting the bullet points of issues the next president need to deal with reminding that you need to trust your president to handle them.

2230 - Closing remarks for Obama. He closes noting that McCain is just more of Bush. Education and 'policies that will lift wages'. That last one is complete BS. I explain why here.

2231 - All over and hands shaken!

2234 - The clear winner was John McCain. He owned this debate from start to finish.

2236 - Now watching CNN. As I tun in I hear 'McCain looked like anger management'. Just where did that come from?

2239 - CNN - 'Not Obama's night, but hey look McCain is an angry guy'. Well hey, lets have the angry guy deal with the Wall Street criminals, the UN, Putin, Ahmadinajad, Chavez....... Or do we want Obama to pall around with all this scum?

2242 - CNN commercial 'Election Coverage brought to you by ExxonMobil'. They should just give up with this type of trying to win over people. they should instead just point out that: 'Hey, we are making a fortune and that you too can profit from high oil prices by becoming a shareholder. Accounts available starting at only $50 a month!'

2245 - Another CNN commercial. 'I was raped and Sarah Palin would make me carry this baby to term.' Pretty dramatic and a cheap shot. She is against abortions but is not going to work to change the law.

2247 - CNN to undecided voters: 'Who won the debate?' Winner Obama, but this time she actually counted hands.

2248 - Black undecided voter 'Ayers not an issue but he didn't address the ACORN story and I was disappointed in that.' She shifts to another voter and feeds her 'Was Joe the plumber a gimmick?' She dutifully replies using yes, gimmicky.

2254 - I'm all done for tonight. Thanks much for those of you who have stuck through with this.


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Eric De La Torre said...

It's about time the United States started sharing the wealth. For too long the top 1% kept every last penny, with tax cuts and credits, how about me, "joe six pack." Our nation is bankrupt, billions going to Iraq, billions to the oil companys, and billions in the pocket of halliburton, Cheney, Bush, and the republicans. Time for Change.

Fred Fry said...

Eric, you want to share in the wealth, then consider buying stock in Halliburton, ExxonMobil, GE, etc.

The US shares enough wealth. that top 1% pays over 25% of all taxes in the US. The bottom 45% pays no taxes.

Doctor Bulldog said...

Obama used that lame argument again about never in history has a nation suffering an economic catastrophe been able to maintain its military, blah, blah...

Uhm, excuse me! One of those nations is the very nation Obama wants to be President of!

At the beginning of WWII, we were still in the Great Depression - an economic catastrophe, I would say. Not only did we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and increase our military, but, fact check me if you will, I do believe we won that war!

And, might I just add that Germany was experiencing an economic catastrophe when they started WWII and we ALL probably would be speaking German by now if it hadn't been for America's involvement in the war...

Also, Obama wants to gut the military's budget, so why the heck is he so concerned about the military anyway?