Sunday, October 5

Update: Drink Blogging the VP Debate - CNN Bias

During my live blog of the VP debate last week, I had this comment on watching the CNN post-debate program:
2246 - CNN 'Biden wins by a large amount' of their 'focus group'. Funny, the show of hands looked pretty even. Told you they would call it for Biden. Well by any definition, half of the country is dumber than the other half. - link
Seems that I was not the only one to notice:
Soledad O'Brien polls the 32 "persuadables" by asking them to indicate, by a show of hands, who they thought won. The magic of Tivo allows us to freeze frame and count: She calls the vote for Biden "overwhelming". 11 or 12 for Palin, 12 or 13 for Biden (some people are hard to see). Thanks, Soledad, for giving credence to everyone who thinks women are bad at Math. - Megan McArdle
And now there is video of the media bias here:

(Direct link)

She is just seeing what she wants to see. And in this case, imagine if you were only listening to her commentary with the TV on in the background, or worse, listening to her on the radio. How many people only get her commentary without seeing what she was commenting on? Lots of people I bet.

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