Thursday, October 30

Even WiFi Can't Escape the Obama-Trons

Back here at Fred Fry International Global HQ, this is what I recently was confronted with when logging on to my wireless network; another network named 'GoObama'

I was tempted to rename my network in response but quickly dismissed the idea even though I was sure that I could figure out a name that would have really pissed off this anonymous supporter.

Anyway, if the dude really believes in Obama's message then he should get with the program and free up his internet access and distribute it to those behind him! After all:

'Security-enabled wireless network's are racist

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Anonymous said...

Your hatred towards Obama surprises me, but Im sure its not personal. Its against Democrats as a whole huh? Either way, Obama will be your next President and seeing as how Im active duty now, I can honestly say that i will be proud to serve under Barack Hussein Obama, my commander in chief. As for McCain supporters, you guys are so funny, every day Obama has a new label, whether it him being a communist, domestic terrorist, muslim, arab, corrupt, PLO sympathizer, socialist, and even a baby killer. The worst part is that this isnt just labeling Obama, but his supporters as well, me, and millions of others who are 100% American. I will be going to Iraq next month and Im ok with that now that I will be in good hands. Democratic hands. God Bless America.

Fred Fry said...

Good luck in Iraq and be safe.

Other than that, there is no point in arguing since our opinions are complete opposites.

and no, I do not hate Obama. As for the Democrats, somewhere in this blog I mention how amazed I am that after spending over a half billion dollars the Democrats ended up with Obama.

Also, don't be too disappointed when the election is over and McCain is our next President. If anything, be made at the press for not investigating your party's candidate early on.

knowitall said...

That is how he is so popular, everyone is putting him anywhere, even the places not being sponsored by the liberal illuminati.