Thursday, October 30

"Where's My Bailout?"

I posted before that I was looking for the next bailout and suggested why a Government bailout of credit card debt would be great for the economy and 'the little people.' It would even be good for me since I actually have some credit card debt at the moment. I am just waiting for the right 'smoke signals' from Congress so that I can run up to the limit!

Remember, you can't be in on any bailout if you have no debt!

With that in mind, enjoy the following video: "Where's My Bailout?" (Found on Instapundit)

See, this is what bad behavior breeds. Even more bad behavior.
Note: All kidding aside, remember, that at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for your actions, at least until you die or the Government relieves you of that responsibility. This is my way of sarcastically responding what I consider to be bad Government. Want advise, talk to a lawyer or accountant!

Lining Up For The Next Bailout... - 13 Oct 08

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knowitall said...

It isn't coming, or at least if you're a hardworking citizen it isn't. The socialist illuminati only see bailing out two people, the rich multi-millionaires on wall street, or those living on welfare.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot, people on welfare don't get bailed out. It sucks being on welfare, and that will be gone in a few years anyway, thanks to the idiots running our government!

Anonymous said...

Welfare is a bailout of the poor.

Kind of hard to reply without knowing your situation and how you got on it. don't you think you can find a job before the welfare runs out a COUPLE YEARS FROM NOW!!!!!