Thursday, October 9

About 2 Million Illegal Aliens Will Vote For President (Obama)

Democrats have been fighting Voter ID for years on the grounds that it may disenfranchise some poor voters. By giving these few voters a free pass using the bogus excuse that the poor can't afford a photo ID (See here for that discussion), they have effectively opened the door for millions of illegal aliens to mess up our electoral system and even throw the election for a candidate who would not otherwise win.

Now comes this estimate that millions of illegal aliens will vote in this next election:
A new study released today estimates that as many as 2.3 million undocumented immigrants will illegally vote on November 4th. And given that the two presidential candidates were separated by less than 2 million votes in three elections since 1960, these ineligible voters could conceivably add up to a “balance-tipping bloc” in a handful of battleground states, notably Colorado, Virginia, New Mexico, Nevada and Florida.

David Simcox, author of the Social Contract study, says the federal government has failed to enforce its own ban on non-citizen voting. Since 2002, only 120 people have been charged with voter fraud by the Department of Justice, and only 86 have been convicted. Meanwhile, community groups like ACORN make no secret of the fact that they've been busy registering non-citizens. During recent May Day rallies, pro-immigration activists were photographed with signs that read: "Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos" ("Today we march, tomorrow we vote"). - DC Examiner
So even though ACORN now has the law crawling down their throats in a number of states, the damage has already been done by a blizzard of fraudulent voter registration cards that they have turned in.

Many of ACORN's illegal registrations I suspect will never be claimed on Election Day, merely being submitted to meet a quota for the person collecting the signature. (This in itself is a crime!) That would also put into question all the Democrat claims that so many more Democrats have registered to vote for this election than Republicans. At least the Republicans are real people who vote once.

However, buried in this pile of voter registration crap are clearly many other fraudulent applications made by illegal aliens (and probably legal aliens who are not eligible to vote) who intend to vote in this election. ACORN's burying the staff responsible for registering new voters with thousands of bogus/duplicate registration forms has the effect of hiding these other fraudulent applications. So even though more ACORN employees might be heading to jail, it might be too late as they have already done what they intended to do. And who do we have to thank for such lax voter registration laws? Democrats. Because while fighting every law to tighten up voter regulations to prevent fraud, they have never bothered to offer their own legislation as an acceptable alternative to protect those they claim to be concerned about while adding regulations to prevent this kind of fraud. Now we can put a price on this democrat obstructionism: 2 million bogus votes will be counted on election night, with many of those votes being cast in states where the outcome is not clear.

P.S. What kind of idiot lets ACORN register them to vote anyway?

P.P.S. How bad it the illegal aliens voter problem? Well there are currently two lawsuits, filed by Democrats, alleging that their own party's candidate, Senator Obama himself is not even a legal US Citizen or resident. (See court documents here: "BERG v. OBAMA et al" (Justia)) the court filings are interesting reading to say the least. Accurate or not, the allegations contained in these documents will dog Obama for years if he is elected President. (Read this and then this) Note: This is linked as interesting reading only. It is up to a court to judge it.

Ineligible voters could tilt election - DC Examiner

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