Tuesday, October 7

Drink Blogging the Presidential Debate

Seems that I will be drink blogging the Presidential debate tonight.

Until then, make sure you watch CNN's report on Obama's not so insignificant connections to a domestic terrorist:

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1818 - Decide to live blog the debate. Open the wine. Erben Kabinet 2002 (Germany)

2008 - Kids are now in bed. Pre-debate show: Dirty Jobs

2013 - Oddly enough, my one main thought before this debate is that once McCain/Palin get into the White House I suspect Palin Derangement Syndrome will make Bush Derangement syndrome look like nothing. This will certainly do the 'progressives on the left no good.'

2057 - I am not on the Sony Vaio laptop. Good: Its small. Bad: Its small. Worse: Its a Sony. Evening Drink: Double Vodka Tonic. TV now tuned into Fox News.

2100 - Here we go. Tom Brokaw looks good. The 'Town Hall' looks small.

2102 - Brokaw is much more animated than Gwen Ifill was during the last debate and he has only been talking for a minute!

2106 - Obama right away goes and blames all the economic crisis on Bush and the Republicans. Good for him, provided that McCain follows-up and repeats his 'Obama is lying' charge.

2107 - McCain comes out soft, ignoring Obama;s comments. Energy independence is nice, but that is not the problem. McCain calls for resetting home prices and giving all these Americans who gambled in the housing market what I consider a do-over. Maybe he just plans to ignore Obama. Overall good answer, but I might be too looking for red-meat.

2111 - Obama repeats the 'I'm going to cut taxes for 95% of workers' lie

2114 - McCain passes on telling the audience that Obama is the second biggest receipient of FM donations. Now Obama comes out to paint McCain as part of the regulatory problem. Maybe this will wake McCain up to take the gloves off.

2116 - Obama spends two minutes pointing the finger of responsibility at McCain and then says 'you don't want to hear about politicians pointing fingers'

2123 - Question 'Why should we trust either of you with our money?' Obama blames the Republicans for spending. Completely ignores that the spending was in response to a terrorist attach. the question Obama is not answering is where he will cut spending. McCain 'The system in Washington is broken'. Good response. 'Senator Obama has never taken on the leaders of his party on any issue.' Great follow-up. Obama is a liberal Spender. Obama voted for a billion dollars in pork barrow project, including $3 million for a projector for Chicago. Good. McCain seems to be doing a soft swipe.

2128 - Obama - Education comes after energy and health care. McCain - We can work on all three at the same time. For me, if your going to put them in order, education should come first as children are our future and will be the ones finding solutions to our problems.

2130 - McCain attacks Obama for putting the issues in order noting that we are America and that we can do all these things. Obama responds by bringing up 9/11. Why?

2136 - Obama - We need to be fair when it comes to taxes. McCain - Obama is calling to raise new taxes. Obama wants to respond and Brakaw cuts him off.

2142 - Obama wants to raise taxes on those making $250,000 or more. That just happens to be the amount you should be earning to afford a $1 million home. Part of our current economic crisis is due to falling house prices. Many homes are $1 million plus. He is therefore going to tax the people most needed to stem the falling prices of homes. Because if noone buys those houses, and there are lost of them, then the prices of all houses get pushed down as those most expensive have to reduce their prices.

2143 - McCain: Obama promised to lower taxes on the middle class when running for Senate but he never did anything to lower taxes for the middle class once getting to the Senate. Good pointing out that Obama has broken at least one promise.

2149 - McCain - 'Oil drilling is vital. We've got to drill offshore.' 'Obama is against offshore drilling. Look at his record. He is also against nuclear power.'

2155 - Obama will fine you and your employer over healthcare. McCain: We have to give people choices in health care.

2157 - Obama: 'Healthcare is a right'. Will help lower premiums of existing plans. Will mandate mandatory healthcare for children. (You need to have healthcare for your child.) But you need to pay for it. He'll give you a tax break though....

2200 - Obama - 'Banks go to Delaware because they have lax rules on banks for credit card lending.' How interesting since he chose the Senator from Delaware, Biden, as his VP pick!

2206 - Obama claims that he will have the US intervene about the world when possible, but 'we can't be everywhere', pointing out our inaction in Darfur, etc, as being due to our reduced status in the world acording to him. Of course if the US went into Darfur or anywhere the rest of the world will have us anyway, no matter the cause.

2210 - Obama: 'Al Quaeda is stronger now than at any time since 2001.' I don't believe it. Hmm. It is OK to kill Bin-Laden and crush Al Quaeda. So much for international respect.....

2215 - McCain 'We need to get the support of the people in Pakistan against the Taliban'. Obama 'If Pakistan is unable or unwilling to take out Bin-Laden then we should' (As long as we don't invade Pakistan.) Good luck figuring that logic out since you would need to go into Pakistan to do it. It is called shelter.

2216 - Doesn't look like there will be any knockouts here, but for sure McCain will have lots of Obama's words to use against him. Looks like I forgot to mention earlier that this blog is bias against Obama. Just in case you were wondering.

2225 - McCain : 'I warned about Putin. All I saw was K.G.B.' Wants to rebuild the Soviet Union. There will be no cold war but we ned to bring pressure on Russia. Good that this was brought up. 'Russia is a challenge.' Obama: 'I agree with McCain' but we also need to rebuild their economies. What? I think the only economy that needs rebuilding is Georgia.

2225 - McCain nails the 'Is Russia an evil empire, yes or no' with 'Maybe', depending on our response.

2227 - Question for McCain 'Will you wait for UN permission to defend Israel if attacked by Iran?' Good question for McCain and surely the moonbats are trying to figure who the guy who tossed this softball question to McCainn was:) Obama: No veto power for the UN and military power is always an option. No mention of Israel, but how we should squeeze Iran. Maybe even by cutting off their gas imports. Comfirms his call for direct talks with our enemies. Well that really has worked well with North Korea, which he just mentioned. Only God knows why since they have been pissing with us for decades. (Update: See this post " Most Disturbing Part of North Korea-Syria Connection")

2231 - Last Question 'What don;t you know?' Kind of ignored by Obama. McCain 'I don't know what I don't know' I don't know what the unexpected will be....

2234 - Obama closes with Hope. McCain closes with the above shifting to stating what he does know including that he believes in America and Americans. McCain won, the closing. I guess the debate overall was a tie. No mention of his link to domestic terrorist Ayers or Obama's housing payoff money.

2240 - This debate was sort of a waste of time. I can't see even Democrats thinking otherwise since there was no real hits on either candidate. Maybe McCain's camp will make some decent commercial out of something but there was not much substance here on any real level. Maybe this is how Brokaw aided Obama by keeping it on a level that he could handle. Although even so, Obama made a mistake by ordering priorities as covered above.

2245 - Looking around the web at other conservative sites the consensus is clear in that this was a boring debate. I agree.

2250- Hmmm, this is more interesting than anything said in the debate: 'Obama is Hiding a Radical Past'
Did you know that Barack Obama was affiliated with a leading national socialist party? Barack Obama didn’t include in his 2008 resume that he entered politics endorsed by Chicago’s leading socialists. This just keeps getting better and better. Barack Obama was an active participant in the 1990s, and a direct political beneficiary, of the Chicago New Party and, importantly, the Chicago DSA, a group of socialists affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America. - The Independent View
Since it was such a big deal that Palin's Husband was a member of the Alaska independent party (He is part Eskimo) this should be at least as big a deal for the Obama campaign. This could even be an October surprise. Do you really want to vote for a Socialist? Palin's husband also was hounded for having a DWI conviction, so I would think that Obama's cocaine use would be at least as big an issue for the Obama campaign.

2259 - I am going to give this to McCain for two reasons. One, he said mostly what I wanted to hear. Two, there wee a couple of times where Obama's response seemed to be him just rambling on with no clear direction. McCain had none of those moments. Decision: McCain


Update: 8 October

For a great summary on the Questions and answers of the debate, go visit Ace who has posted a 'cheat sheet'.

Drink Blogging the VP Debate
Update: Drink Blogging the VP Debate - CNN Bias

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Doctor Bulldog said...

Enjoyed your take on this.

Just one thing I noticed you missed (probably pouring another glass of wine) - McCain DID say that Obama was the second highest recipient of donations from Fanny & Freddie.

Obama ignored it.

I agree, it was a little too sedate for my tastes and Tom Brokenjaw picked questions that have been answered a hundred times by both McCain and Obama.

I would have preferred something along the lines of:

You both claim to be Christians. Jesus said, "If you love me, you will keep my Commandments." One of the 10 Commandments is, "Thou shalt not kill."

With that in mind: Why do you support or not support the killing of innocent children via abortion?

Yup, that would have made Obama do a little stammering...


Fred Fry said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

I guess I was either getting a drink or listening to my wife ask me to fold the laundry after the debate when McCain mentioned the Fannie/Freddie donations. (I forgot to do it anyway.)

You have a good question as abortion was not mentioned at all, nor were other issues like crime, gun rights, etc.