Thursday, October 2

Drink Blogging the VP Debate

You might think that I would be planning on Drunk Blogging the debate, but no. for me to do that I would need to drink way too much alcohol, (I am a sailor after all) to the point that I would probably be at risk of a DWI as I head to work early in the morning. Anyway, to be drunk by 9PM, you start drinking when?

So, I at least plan to blog this debate and figure that I would let all two of you know in advance since I don't normally post more than once a day. With that and with the disclosure that I plan to vote for McCain:

1400 - I decide to blog about tonight's debate.

1520 - If you do drop by, say hello in the comments!

1730 - Making dinner - Chicken cutlets

1812 - Dinnertime! - Drink: Hardcore Apple Cider

1835 - Post-Dinner - Wife heading to aerobics. Me on daddy-duty

1903 - 1 year-old - bathtime. 3 year-old to keep herself busy...

1929 - 3 year-old - showertime. 1 year-old is keeping himself busy with matchbox cars...

2026 - 3 year-old in bed. 1 year-old playing. TV on - Survivor. Wife back and taking a shower. Next drink: Lonkero w/lime.

2038 - Both kids now in bed. shifting 'offices' (to the laptop).

2048 - Just now relaxing for the first time today. Just realized that other than looking forward to this debate, I haven't given it that much thought. There is all this concern all of a sudden about Palin, but this I think is a total creation of the media. We all know the media is lying, so it is a little strange that McCain supporters are giving these latest polls and criticism of Palin any real credit. Its probably due because they have not been able to find any relevant dirt on her.

2048 - 'Paloma' kicked out of Survivor

2059 - Now turned to Fox News.

2103 - Hmm. No wheeling out of Gwen Ifill. That would have been a smart move by her to garner a little sympathy against her book BS. She does not look biased, but then again, she chose the questions she is going to ask.

2104 - Joe is wearing a flag pin.

2105 - Sarah's flag pin is bigger...

2109 - Sarah explains McCain's "the fundamentals of our economy is strong" in that he was referring to America's workforce. Good shot.

2112 - Sarah calls for more self responsibility. Good call. Joe is all of a sudden concerned the middle class. Guess the poor got tossed under Obama's bus.

2115 - Joe - Notice how she didn't answer the question. Sarah - I might not answer the question the way you or the moderator want, I'm talking to the American people...

2119 - Joe - Base taxes on fairness. Sarah calls it for what it is 'income redistribution'. Want an example of Delaware 'fairness' check out how they gouge drivers driving through Delaware "Price Gouging in Delaware"

2122 - Another Lonkero w/lime.

2126 - Sarah is looking very confident and talking lots of good, quickly. Hey Joe, I am one of those ExxonMobil stockholders. Are you for the middle class or not? I like my dividend money. Too bad Obama wants to take more of it. So lay off XOM!

2133 - Joe Biden: Global warming 'clearly manmade'. Really Joe?

2137 - Sarah can sell oil and gas. 'clean-green natural gas' in the sweetest voice you ever heard. She clearly ruled the energy part of the debate.

2140 - Haiku Live-Blogging The VP Debate at The Stupid Shall Be Punished

2143 - Foreign policy - Palin on Obama: "Your plan is a white flag of surrender in Iraq." Great. She is using Biden's comments against Obama against him.

2145 - Biden: voting against a withdrawal timeline in Iraq is voting against the troops in Iraq. So as far as Biden is concerned, McCain is guilty. Sounds like a cheap shot against McCain.

2157 - Palin:"We will learn from the past mistakes of this administration and past administrations"... Biden is painting McCain as Bush III. As for restoring America's respect in the world Joe, they hated us before Bush, they will hate us when he is gone for sure. Especially if Obama ever has to threaten to use force like every past President.

2159 - Euro rate dropping all day today. 1 Euro = $1.38.

2204 - Wife off to bed. Seems they were busy arguing on what a General in Afghanistan said today. Biden: "Obama has been calling for more troops in Afghanistan." Somehow I can't see a President Obama sending more troops there. The argument against winning in Iraq can certainly be used as reasons against winning in Afghanistan.

2212 - Biden: 'The most important election since 1932.' Palin still going strong then again, she has the inside track on main street opinion. She just even jot the audience to laugh, despite their promise not to. Ifill: 'everyone gets extra credit tonight' in response to Palin's schoolkid's extra credit comment. My goodness the audience just woke up, laughing again at Palin's lame joke comment.

2224 - Final question & last gin, because the bottle is empty...

2228 - If anything, Palin should be seen to have held her own during this debate. Biden was surely no winner here, but I bet CNN will have some sort of BS poll saying he did. This is a good image for Palin to leave on the electorate as we head towards election day. Really, if not her, who should McCain have picked who could have done this better while also being a draw for this ticket. It was Palin who brought this campaign back to life.

2229 - Palin strikes against the MSM telling the American people that she prefers to talk directly to them without a 'filter'. Good close.

2232 - Biden has a good'ish' close. He should have just said that he was not pulling out of the race on Friday. He shouldn't after surviving this debate. But then again, I still can't see why he is even on the ticket, other than he is more personable than Murtha.

2242 - Switched to CNN. They have gone to commercial. This was interesting doing a live blog. Not sure I liked doing it. It got in the way of drinking and talking with the wife. Not only that, but I am working on a blog post I have already posted! I can be working on new content;)

Anyway, If you are one of the three people following this, thanks much for stopping by. My drink is done so that is all for tonight.

Tonight's Debate Winner: Palin

Clearly it was Palin.

2246 - CNN 'Biden wins by a large amount' of their 'focus group'. Funny, the show of hands looked pretty even. Told you they would would call it for Biden. Well by any definition, half of the country is dumber than the other half.

2249 - Funny, most of the CNN group didn't raise their hands for either candidate when asked who they would vote for. Not a good sign for Obama.

2310 - Final though - Biden is what Biden will be whether as a Senator or VP. Palin is just going to get better as time goes on no matter what she does.

2313 - Final, final comment - CNN: "Tonight's debate brought to you by ExxonMobil". Go take your evil ExxonMobil-hating-ticket and stuff it, Democrats.

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