Thursday, October 16

I Voted Today - McCain / Palin

In Virginia it is possible to vote absentee in person if you are not going to be around on Election Day. Since I am going to be out of the country for Election Day I took my daughter and went to vote after work.

You still have to fill out an absentee application and they then need to check your name against the voter rolls. In my case the roll was at another location so they had to call and confirm that I was registered. Once that was done mark my entry so that I cannot show up on election day to vote again or early vote again at another location. The process was pretty quick and then I got to vote on one of the 'infamous' electronic voting machines. I had my daughter make the selections on the touch screens and then once done we collected our 'I voted' stickers.

I was a little surprised how many people were there to vote early. Still the process was quick and easy. The election staff was very courteous and helpful. It would have been nice to go vote on Election Day, but I am very relieved that it is all over for me. Now I get to watch McCain win the Election from abroad. I am looking forward to the shock that will be in Europe the day after Obama loses.

I did get a promising sign of a coming McCain victory earlier today when my one member of staff who is an open Obama supporter told me that she thought McCain won last night's debate. This confirms my belief that he did really well (You can find my live blog of the debate here) as I am sure it was hard for her to admit it and she just went and said it. I knew better to ask her. And if she thought that McCain one that many other Obama followers are sure to as well. So good things are coming!

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