Thursday, October 2

Are You a Gun Owner Moving to Finland? Better Save Your Targets...

Just another Wednesday night at the rifle range at the National Rifle Association Headquarters. Only this time I realized that I needed to start saving my targets, just in case I move back to Finland:
HELSINKI, Finland: Finland has introduced stricter rules on gun permits in the wake of a deadly school shooting.

The government issued the new directives to police on Monday.

First-time applicants for a handgun license must now prove that they have been members of a shooting club for at least a year. In addition, all applicants must provide a note from a doctor about their mental health. - International Herald Tribune
That is all very interesting. Of course, what is a complete mystery is how they intend to handle gun owners who move to Finland. With that in mind, I decided that it would be a good idea to keep my targets as evidence of active target shooting as a hobby. In addition, I also want to make clear that I use a .45 caliber pistol for target shooting. I had seen some reports where the Finnish police thought a 9mm pistol as too powerful a weapon for target shooting. Well, it is the power/kick that makes it so challenging. (I have no idea what they would think if I showed up with a .50cal M1911 pistol, if I ever run into enough money to purchase one.)

- .22 Cal rifle (no scope) kneeling at 100 feet. 9 out of 10 for 90% -

- .22 Cal rifle (no scope) standing at 100 feet. 83 out of 100 points -

- '45' standing at 15 feet. Grouping of 5 -

- '45' standing at 25 feet. 4 hits out of 5 for 80% -

- '45' kneeling at 15 feet. Grouping of 5 for 72% -

- '45' standing at 15 feet. Grouping of 5 -

Does anyone have any experience in moving to Finland with handguns or rifles? Please email me or leave a comment on your experience. My situation is going to be complicated. I have what they consider a high-powered pistol. I will also be bringing two high-powered hunting rifles, a WWII era 'assault' rifle (M1 carbine), shotgun and a small .22 caliber pistol which I understand is considered a concealable weapon due to its size. That I think is a little ridiculous, as I carry my full-size 1911-A1 pistol under my shirt and nobody notices that it is there until I point it out. They normally fixate on whatever ugly shirt I might be wearing.
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knowitall said...

Exactly, save them because you won't be able to use them again once the liberal illuminati take over.