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Questions for 2008 Presidential Candidates - v.1

We are still a long way from the next Presidential election, yet the posturing has already begun. This got me thinking, what questions would I like to see the candidates answer? Here is draft 1. Surely current events, political antics, and 'Bush Derangement Syndrome' will bring about more questions?

Elections and Election Reform:
Did President Bush steal the 2000 election? (Florida)

Did President Bush steal the 2004 election? (Ohio)

Do you believe that the CBS 60 Minutes Bush Reserve documents are real?

Do you think that there is voter fraud?

- If so, which party benefits more from voter fraud and how?

Do you believe that Voter ID rules are equivalent to poll taxes?

- If so, how would you institute voter ID that would not disenfranchise poor voters?

Do you support a national ID?

Global War on Terrorism:
Do you believe that the Government knew of the 9/11 attacks and did nothing to stop it?

- If so, did the Clinton Administration know about the 9/11 attacks?

- If so, how did none of the Clinton Administration employees that was still serving under Bush not know about this?

Do you believe that Saddam Hussein had WMD?

- If so, do you think that they might now be buried in Syria?

Do you believe that Bush lied about the reasons to go to War against Iraq?

Do you believe that Iraq had no connections to Al-queda?

Do you believe that it is ok for the NSA to listen into international communications into - out of the US without a FISA Warrant?

- If not, how should the NSA be able to obtain these warrants in a timely fashion taking into account that there are over 200,000 suspected terrorists that the NSA wants to listen to and also taking into account that only 8,000 warrants have been issued in the last couple of years?

- If not, do you think that Customs needs a warrent to search people's belongings as they reenter the country?

Do you plan to quickly pull American Troops out of Iraq?

Do you plan to quickly pull American Troops out of Afghanistan?

Do you consider Hamas a terrorist organization?

War on Drugs:
Do you believe that Marijuana should remain illegal?

Do you believe that most drug users are only harming themselves?

Do you think that the Kyoto Convention will retard global warming?

Domestic Issues:
Will you push to secure the borders from illegal aliens?

Do you approve of granting illegal aliens in the US a pathway to citizenship?

Do you consider a pathway to citizenship for Illegal aliens a form of amnesty?

Will you raise taxes for the rich?

At what point do you consider a person/family rich?

Do you support a flat tax?

Do you think that the ACLU is acting in the best interests of America?

Are you for opening some of the many closed areas of the US to oil drilling?

Have you ever been to the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve? (ANWR)

Do you think that it is possible to drill for oil in ANWR willout ruining the environment there?

- If not, should we stop drilling in other sensative parts of the US?

Do you believe that Cindy Shehan is abusing the memory of her son?

Do you believe that the Mainstream Media is biased against President Bush?

Do you believe that the Mainstream Media is ignoring good news:

- In Iraq?
- In the War on Terror?
- In the economy?
- In general?

Do you think Michael Moore's movie "Fahrenheit 9/11" is more fact or fiction?

If your name is John F. Kerry, also answer this:
Will you release your full military record this time?

If your name is Joseph Biden, also answer this:
Do you think that the State of Delaware is gouging driving through high tolls?

Do you think the State of Delaware should lower tolls to provide relief to drivers from high gasoline prices?

Please feel free to add your own questions in the comments!

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