Friday, May 26

The Senate Immigration Bill Is an Amnesty Bill

Senator Kennedy, among others, claims that the Senate Illegal Immigration Bill does not grant Amnesty:

"Our bill provides a means for them to earn the privilege of American citizenship," Kennedy said during floor debate this week. "It is not amnesty. Amnesty means forgiveness. Amnesty means going ahead of the line. No one goes to the head of the line. They go to the back of the line. They do not only go to the back of line for current applicants, but they go to the back of the line for everyone who is in line today."

"They go to the back of the line in terms of their ability to adjust their status," he said. "They have to pay the penalty. They have to learn English. They have to demonstrate that they have no criminal activities. And they have to demonstrate that they are working."The fastest they can be able to earn their citizenship is 11 years," continued Kennedy. "They have to demonstrate that they are learning English. They are playing by the rules; they are in no trouble with the law; they pay the penalty at the beginning and another penalty at the end." - Chicago Trubune

Many however do not believe this explanation. I do not either. There is a simple explanation as to why this should be considered an amnesty bill. Those who came here illegally will be allowed to get in line for citizenship. Those who did not come here illegally still cannot even get in line! this is the real reason that many came here in the first place. They had no line to get on in the first place.

It is not like all Mexicans can just get in line for Citizenship. Those who are here illegally are not getting in line behind their follow Mexicans who are back home wanting to move to the United States. One poll suggested that 40% of Mexicans were either planning or wanted to move to the US legally, or otherwise. That 40% is currently in no citizenship line. Even if they could apply, most in Mexico do not meet the minimum education requirements let alone have the money to pay. If this bill passes into law, many more will come to make sure that they can get in line. It does not matter if they put a cutoff date in place, that is what fraudulent documents are for.

One solution I had was to just annex Mexico. I actually got some feedback in that the move would just be "another example of American Imperialism." OK I have done some more thought about it, and perhaps we look into the option of granting all Mexicans and Canadians Conditional American Citizenship. They can all go to an American Embassy to apply for/claim it. It can be sort of like Puerto Rico. They do not vote for President unless they are living in the states. Same for paying taxes. There can also be a condition that they have to perform 40 quarters of work (10 years) before they can claim any benefits from the system. Will this plan result in a flood of Mexicans into the US? Probably, but how different would it be from what is happening now?

After reading these comments from the White House, I am beside myself:

WASHINGTON - The White House on Friday said a Senate bill that would grant legal status to illegal immigrants is analogous to a traffic law that allows a speeder to pay a fine and continue driving. "If you had a traffic ticket and you paid it, you're not forever a speeder, are you?" White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said in response to questions from The Examiner.

"So the fact is, you have paid your debt to society," he added. "And we have come up with a way to make sure that the debt to society gets paid. Then you move forward." -

These comments made me realize that NONE of these people we are now depending on to solve the illegal immigration problem have ever dealt with the Government Department responsible for processing Immigrants; US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The USCIS is by far the worse organization in the Government to deal with. We all know that there are about 12 million illegal aliens in the US. There are millions more who are here legally but have no proof, because USCIS is such an incompetent organization that it takes YEARS to get them their Green Card. (Ask my wife.) Getting your Congresswoman involved does no good either. They never got an answer back from USCIS about my wife's status. Then there was the cost. Thousands of dollars. I know of at least two friends who have become citizens, one just a month ago, not because of a burning desire to become Americans, but more so to never have to deal with the immigration authorities again!

Tony Snow might have a good analogy, if he was referring to getting a ticket in (Dukes of) Hazard County. Are you a speeder forever? No, but as far as your insurance company, you are for at least three years. OK, I will give Mr. Snow a little slack, since he is still new in his job. I think he just compared illegal immigration crime to the wrong crime. Perhaps he should have picked a more serious crime, like robbery, rape or murder. Those are crimes that do follow you around for life. Too serious? Lets take the crime of reentering the United States illegally after you have been deported. That is a Felony, and that will follow you around for the rest of your live. So will identity theft. What kind of fine does the White House propose for forgiving that crime?

This statement was not received well by members of Congress:

"I don't know if Tony meant to trivialize it or not," said Will Adams, spokesman for Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. "But it's certainly misleading."

"The penalty for a speeding ticket is a fine," he added. "The penalty for being here illegally is being removed from this country. But the president doesn't want illegal aliens to go home." -

At least we still have the occasional voice of reason popping to the surface.

The White House is busy concerning illegal immigration. There is also this comment made yesterday:

WASHINGTON - The White House on Thursday warned that House Republicans would be held accountable in November for opposing a Senate bill that would grant legal status to illegal immigrants.

“They pay a heavier political price for failing to act than for acting,” White House Press Secretary Tony Snow told reporters.

His comments came just hours before the Senate passed an immigration bill that the White House called “comprehensive” because it would strengthen borders and create a guest-worker program for illegal immigrants. - DC Examiner

I just wonder WHO the White House thinks is going to punish the Republicans in the House for not granting illegal aliens amnesty? These are the same Republicans who for the most part are trying to constrain 'pork' project spending. I along with most Americans want real immigration reform. None of us want reform at any price. If the White House is serious about granting all the illegal aliens here a chance at citizenship, then they better include everyone in Mexico. Might was well get this process over with. (see the citizenship suggestion above)

BREAKING NEWS: Senate Passes Amnesty Bill For Illegal Aliens - California conservative
Immigration amnesty? Not exactly. - Chicago Tribune


Keith said...

I'm somewhat ignorant on such matters, but if I understand correctly, Section 1 of 14th Amendment to the Constitution grants U.S. citizenship to the children (those BORN in the U.S.)of illegals. Has anyone ever suggested rescinding or modifying that section? I think at least one, if not both parents, should be citizens before someone is just granted citizenship by birth. These children, because of their citizenship, are now eligible for all kinds of "entitlements" (WELFARE) that their parents are not paying taxes to support. Your thoughts?

Fred Fry said...

Thanks for the comment. There has been some talk on the issue of changing the citizenship by birthright.

I am not sure how I feel. I am not sure how much of a problem it is. Even with the child legal, it is of minimal benefit for the parents for 18 (or 21) years. Only then can the child legally apply for the parents to come. One change could be that Americans who apply for their parents to immigrate to the US, must not be illegal aliens or illegally in the US at the time of birth of the child. This way the child is not punished.

As for funds going for children's checkups. Again, I am not one to punish the children. It can be frustrating though. When I was living in DC, many of the doctor's office's patients were hispanic with no health insurance. They paid nothing, while I still had to make a copayment. I was told that if they were made to pay a $15 copayment, many would not bring their children in. That is sad. Hopefully, these children will grow up to help us solve this problem.... (One can hope.)

One issue is do you deport illegal parents of American Citizen children. I have thought hard about this one. I think they should. Not deport the child. Give the parents an opportunity to find guardians for the children or take the children home. The children can come back when they are old enough. As a parent, it is THEIR responsability to care fo rthe child. If they are deported, they are still responsible. They put themselves in this position. Not us.

Anonymous said...

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